Completed Pandora Bracelet


Charms are interchangeable.
A large selection of charms lend to mixing and matching for any occasion.
They are available on line, or can be found at most jewelers.
New releases of charms are available at least twice each year.


Pandora charms tend to be a little more pricey than other similar charms.
Pandora charms will generally not fit on other bracelets, due to their unique design.

Full Review

Pandora Charm Jewelry has a charm all of its own. It also has history. The charms first appeared in Denmark in 1982, when Per Enevoldsen and his wife started up business. At the time, they did not imagine the huge success they would have with Pandora Charm Jewelry. Now their jewelry is sold world-wide, and is one of the most popular charm bracelets available on the market.

What makes Pandora Charms so popular? Pandora charms are hand-crafted and intricately designed to the point that they withstand the closest scrutiny. Details are finely marked on each charm, and they are very life-like. This makes them extremely popular.

They have a large selection of charms, with the idea being that you will find a charm that will help you remember those special occasions, whether it is graduating from high school, the birth of your child, a special vacation, etc.

The bracelet itself can be started, and look quite nice, with as few as three charms. Of course, the more charms you add to your bracelet the more full and complete it looks but even just three charms on the bracelet is fine.

Charms can be mixed and matched to suit any occasion. If you're going for a sporty or casual look you can choose accordingly. Heading off for a special function? Then simply switch your charms and come up with a brand new, stylish bracelet.

There are other charm bracelets on sale, such as the Italian Charm bracelets and the Troll bead bracelets. I find the Pandora Charms to be just that little bit more sophisticated and versatile than the others, though.

In Closing

If you are searching for the perfect gift, for something classy and meaningful, then Pandora Charm Bracelets may be just what you are looking for. If price is an issue there are many other look a-likes on sale that may well suit your budget. Pandora Charms are not the cheapest charms available but they are some of the best you will find.