One of the best times to show off your Pandora charm bracelet is during the balmy spring and summer months. There's something about bracelets that make them seem like they are just made to be worn during summer. Of course, there is nothing wrong about wearing a bracelet during winter either, but you cannot always show them off as much as you can during summer.

Pandora charms are some of the most famous and better known of the charm jewelry, easy to find and buy either online or at jewelry shops. Pandora jewelry is very popular amongst women worldwide, and contrary to initial opinions that charm jewelry was just a fad it seems that it is here to stay. In fact, if anything charm jewelry is getting more popular with each year. Part of the reason for the popularity of this jewelry stems from the fact that people are in general looking for classy accessories at cheaper prices. This makes this type of jewelry, also referred to as fashion jewelry, much more sought after. Another new trend in the jewelry world which is forcing up sales of fashion and charm jewelry is that modern day women are much more apt to buy their own jewelry these days. Thus the whole concept of women buying their own charms to celebrate special memories, rather than expecting the man in their life to do so, is catching on.

At first the whole Pandora jewelry line seemed to be favoured more by younger women, those in their early twenties for example. They were a little too expensive for the average school girl to go out and buy and older women seemed to prefer more classic style jewelry. Now however as the 'early twenties' are moving on into their thirties and styles for older women in general have become more modern, you will find women of all ages wearing Pandora charm bracelets. What is more, these same women are gaining great pleasure from buying their young daughters charm bracelets, and adding charms to them as each milestone in their child's life is reached. Pandora charm jewelry now spans across all generations of women.

While Pandora made some of the first charm jewelry, others have since begun making them as well. Troll beads are another very popular charm jewelry line, and they also have some fantastically designed charms. Other popular lines, though none seem to be quite as popular as either Trollbeads or Pandora charms, are Chamilia Charms and Italian charms. And of course there is now a whole slew of 'compatible' jewelry that sells for much cheaper prices and fits on the Pandora bracelets. While nothing really quite matches up to owning and original, there is still a very big market for these type of charms as well.