Pandora Radio is a free internet radio station that you can listen to by simply signing up. Pandora is unique because you can set up your own radio station based on a song or artist you like. Pandora will then select music related to your selection based on the attributes of the song or artist you selected, like harmonies, lyrics, melody, or 400 other musical attributes. Here are some things you should know about Pandora free internet radio.

Pandoro free internet radio

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Just sign up, it's free
Go to You can pick from pre-selected stations by going to Genre Stations (Blues, Pop, Alternative, Hip-hop, etc.) on the bottom left. If you have a favorite song or artist, you can set up your personal station, and Pandora will play related songs selected through the Music Genome Project. You can listen to 40 hours of free music per month, after that there is a fee. You can also sign in from any device or computer and access your stations.

Music Genome Project
The music is selected through a musical analysis called the Music Genome Project. This is an initiative
where professional musicians have analyzed songs and artists to identify the attributes or "genes" of
music. These attributes, such as instrumentation, vocals, lyrics, harmony and almost 400 others allow songs with similar attributes to be related to each other and played together in a pleasant music mix.

How it works
When you sign up and create a personal station, your music starts playing. When one song finishes, the next one comes up. You can skip songs but there is a limit on skips. The idea is to listen to songs you wouldn't normally pick to associate with each other. You will hear a lot of music on Pandora that you would not have otherwise. As each song comes up, you can see who the artist is and what album the song is from. A few lines of lyrics are printed on the screen. You can look at the full lyrics by clicking on them. You can also buy the song by clicking on the Buy button, which takes you to music or Itunes websites. You can see if any of your Facebook friends are listening by clicking on the Facebook link on the bottom right. You can listen on most mobile devices like your Blackberry, Iphone and Android as well.

Limitations of Pandora internet radio
At this time, the free internet radio can only be streamed in the USA, but there are plans to expand it to other countries. Sign up and you will be notified of news about expansions. You cannot replay certain songs or make a particular song play on demand. You can set up several stations though, and sample music from each one if you want.

Pandora free internet radio is a great thing to be able to play while you are working on the computer, reading email or relaxing after a hard day. Try it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.