Pansies Are Winter Flowers That Blooms All Winter Long

The best winter flowers you can plant.

The summer is almost gone and a cool autumn chill can be felt in the morning air. Soon all the beautiful color in your garden will begin to die and fade away. You're probably wondering if there are any winter flowers you can plant. Unfortunately, you won't find many flowers that grow and thrive during the cold winter months. However, there is one beautiful, colorful flower that blooms from autumn, all through winter, and spring. It is one of my most favorite flowers. It's the pansy. 

The Hardy Pansy Flower: A Poem

Pansies are tough flowers.

The Pansy is a winter blooming flower. Pansies are annuals in my planting zone and can last up to eight or nine months of the year.

You've probably heard people be called a pansy. That term probably came about from the pansy flower. I suppose it's thought of negatively because they can't survive the extreme heat of summer. I take offense that the word pansy is used to describe people who are supposedly weak, and lack stamina. What people fail to realize is that the pansy is a tough flower that thrives and survives in winter storms and frozen temperatures. They bounce right back after sleet, ice, snow, and freezing weather. 

Very little attention is needed for Pansies.

Pansies don't need a lot of attention or care. Just make sure they are planted in good soil with mulch. Feed them a little before winter and give them a good start. 

Picking off spent blooms encourages more blooms to grow. I never noticed the sweet fragrance of the Pansy until I cut some to bring inside for flower arrangements. They smell as lovely as they look.

Pansies provide bold, beautiful color in the garden all winter long.

Pansies come in all kinds of bold, beautiful colors. The familiar marking in the center of the blossoms are found in common varieties, but solid colors are also available. You can also find special ones with extra-large jumbo blooms.

As indicated before, pansies are excellent flowers for cutting. You will want to take cuttings regularly to bring inside for your favorite vase or container. 

Pansies are definitely the best winter flowers ever.  

How To Take Care Of Pansy Flowers

The best flowers to plant for winter

Pansy Flower Data

Official name: Viola species, Violaceae family. Violets are a large group of hybrid plants.

Type: Annual or Biannuals.

Propagation: Seeds or cuttings.

Lighting: 4 to 8 hours of daily sun. Pansies  love cool temperatures. They're cold hearty, survives freezing winter weather well.

Soil: Almost any soil, with good drainage, neutral or alkaline pH.

Spacing: From 4 to 12 inches apart.

Watering needs: 2 to 3 times a week until established. 

Height: Depends on type can range from 6 to 40 inches. Taller varieties may need to be staked.

Bloom Duration: Fall through late spring or early summer.

Uses: use in beds or containers, dwarf varieties are great for borders, or containers. 

Zones: 4 to 8.

Pansy best winter flowers

Pansies are the best winter flowers you can plant. They can withstand sleet, ice, snow, and freezing temperatures all through the winter. 

A Little Known Fact About Pansies

Did you know Pansies have a very sweet, frangrant smell? I didn't know until I decided to takes some cuttings to bring inside for a floral arraingement. They are tiny, but cute. I put a bunch on my desk and noticed how great they smelled. Try this. You'll be pleasntly surprised. 


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