Trying to find pants that make you look slim doesn’t have to be difficult. 

There are a few simple steps that will help you find pants that will not only look great but also make you look slimmer and sexier.  It is all in the fit.

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Trying to find pants that help you look slim doesn’t have to be difficult. 

There are a few simple steps that will help you find pants that will not only look great but also give you a  slimmer and sexier appearance.  It is all in the fit.

Step one - Get rid of the size in your head!  Simply use the size you feel you are for a guide so you know whereabouts in the store to get started on your search.  After you are in the right range, get the number out of your head.Pants that Make You look SlimCredit:

Many garment manufacturers will have different size ranges, and if you get into the mindset that you are a certain size, and are determined to fit into that size, then you will end up with pants that pull too tight and will actually look heavier.

Unless you plan on walking around holding your breath and trying to suck in your gut, you are going to be uncomfortable and will not look your best if you get them too tight.  So get that number out of your head and simply find a pair that fits well even if means going up to the next size or higher.  If it bothers you that much, you can cut the size tag out after you purchase them!

You want pants with a great line, and pulling will take away from that great line.  The eye will stop right at the tight area or pulling and that is where it will stay instead of seeing the whole picture of you.

Step twoTake someone with you, if you can’t or won’t take someone with you, make sure to go to a quality retail clothing store that has professional employees that know how to fit garments properly and tell them what you are looking for.

Step Three – Determine your body shape and this will help to decide which style of pants will give you a slimmer appearance and be your best.  For example:  If you are heavier in the hips, then you should stay away from pants that are tight legged right to the ankle. 

This will tend to accent your larger hip area.  You would be better suited to pants that flow from the hip, such as with a wider pant leg.

Make sure the pant leg ends nicely at your shoes, so make sure and put your shoes on after trying on a pair of pants.  You don’t want the pants to be crumpled up on top of the shoe, this takes away from that flowing line you need to create from the hip to the top of the shoe.

If there are no pulling lines, and a slightly wider leg right down to the hem that fits perfectly at the top of your shoe, then you will have found pants with the perfect line, you will look slimmer, sexier, and your best!

Step FourDon’t buy a size too small simply because you think you will lose weight soon, it may not come off in the areas you think, so if you need a good pair of pants whether for work or going out in the next week or so, then you need to get ones that fit you right now.

Step FiveIf you just don’t feel right in any pants you are trying on simply because you feel bulges, or the line just won’t flow, then consider getting a body wrap garment for the hips and thighs.  This is an undergarment that has become very popular now.Pants that Make You look Slim and SexyCredit:

Before you hit the back button with the thoughts of binding girdles and not breathing things have changed.  These body wraps are now made of breathable lightweight fabrics that will not feel tight or bind and yet will smooth out those rolls you are worried about.

Step SixIf you carry a bit of extra around your belly then stay away from pants with darts in the front, they will tend to accent your belly and if you are trying to hide that area then you don’t want to be accenting it!

There are pants on the market that have tummy holding panels in the front of them with no darts that will give your belly a smoother line.

This is where a professional can help.  So, if you want to get pants that will help to slim and sexy your body,  then you need to get help with fitting.  Once you know the style, size and make of the pants then you could order them online, but you need to get fitted first.

Step SevenIt is important that you can not only feel good in them, but that you can move freely and breathe!  You need to walk and watch yourself walk towards the mirror.  Make sure they are not too tight in the rear or at the top of the thighs; you need to see a clean flowing line for your pants to look their best.  Also make sure and wear the shoes you will wear with these pants to get the big picture.Pants that Make You look slim(109550)Credit:

Step EightDarker colours will tend to give you a  slimmer look, so if you were to buy a pair of charcoal gray or black pants, you could add a bit of zing with a new top, but the darker colours will tend to take the look of “weight” off your hips and legs and give you a taller slimmer look.

Adding a bit of a heel and having the pants the right length for those heels will add some height and make you look slimmer too.

When you go clothes shopping you need to be well rested and not hungry and not in any hurry.  Take your time getting just the right pants to fit, and it will be well worth the effort.  Don’t just grab the first pair you see and figure they will work.  Try on a few different styles and come out of the change room and really have a good look in a 3-way mirror if you can to take in the full picture.

So once you find pants, you will feel great.  Even if it is a larger size than you are used to, if there are no lumps and bumps and pulling lines and you can breathe and bend then you will feel slim and sexy!

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