Paper Beads are a great craft for teens, and a good way to use up old magazines!

These beads are unique, and look just like porcelain when they are done. They can make lots of these paper beads necklaces, and get very creative. You can make them any size, but the below instructions are for one inch beads. You can make them smaller or bigger.

Things You Will Need

What you Need:

colorful magazines pages

round toothpicks (they are a bit thicker)

white glue


Step 1


Tear out a colorful page from an old magazine.

Mark off one inch strips, and cut them out. (If you want bigger beads you can start with bigger strips)

Then take a ruler, and draw a line from the top left corner of this one inch strip down to the bottom right corner.

Cut along the line. You will have two long triangles. This will make two paper beads.

Cover one side of the triangle in white glue.

Take your round toothpick and starting at the base of your triangle, start to roll up your paper very tightly, making sure you are pressing right into the glue.

Then stick your toothpick into the top of a egg carton, or box lid, or somewhere where the bead can dry and not stick to anything.

Once it is dry, you can gently remove the toothpick, and coat with varnish or varathane. You can get a porcelain style varnish at the craft stores now, that is very shiny, and you would dip your paper bead into this porcelain varnish, for a really beautiful effect. Just make sure to keep the hole open, so you can string your beads.

Let your paper beads dry, thoroughly, and now you can string them onto necklaces, earrings, bracelets, friendship bracelets and more. They are lightweight and yet tough once they are coated with the varnish.

You can get all the jewelry making supplies at your local craft store, or Wal-mart also stock many of the things you will need to turn your collection of magazine beads, into unique pieces of jewelry.

Another great look, is to make these from newspaper. This will give you a uniform black and white look. You can make longer beads for earrings, or as tiny as you can.

This craft is not just for kids or teens either. I was at a local craft show, and saw a jewelry stand with what I thought was really unique looking necklaces. I thought the beads were something different, that I had never really seen before. They were multicolored and very pretty. All the jewelry had a theme for colors, and it was only after talking to the vendor, that I realized that these were, in fact magazine paper beads! She had dipped them many times in varnish, so they looked like shiny shells.

They were absolutely gorgeous. So, give it a try, it is a bit messy, I can warn you now, but if you are set up right, and have your pages cut out ahead of time, white glue washes off your hands! Find pages with great deep colors, such as pages of advertising or fashion magazines with colorful outfits. If you use newspaper, you can tea stain the paper first, for a antique look. The glue and the varnish make these paper beads pretty tough.

Tips & Warnings

You may need to hide your magazines from your teens! They may not want to tear up their own, they will go after yours instead.