Whether you're looking to temporarily decorate a room for the holidays or you're interested in Christmas do-it-yourself projects, paper Christmas decorations are a nice seasonal touch. They are inexpensive and portable, making them perfect for office parties, school get-togethers, and impromptu holiday gatherings. And yet, they can be very artistic for the craftier set out there. In this post, you'll see some great examples of these Christmas decorations, learn more about your options, and get an idea about the prices for them out in stores.

Paper Christmas Decorations: From Paper Lanterns To Tissue Snowflakes

The holidays are a time when social get-togethers happen often, and sometimes in the most unlikely of places. School classrooms, office meeting rooms, and condominium lobbies all over the world will have a chance to host, if only briefly, many a social gathering, and paper Christmas decorations are there to help.

Tissue Snowflakes

No one wants to spend tons of money on Christmas decorations for these holiday gatherings, and yet everyone wants the repurposed space to still feel Christmas-y. Paper Christmas decorations are the perfect solution. They are cheap, you can often buy them in bulk, they are easy to transport, and yet they still look festive and fun! Best of all, they are easy to pick up afterwards, important as the room hosting the party more than likely needs to return pretty quickly to its normal state after the festivities end.

There are many styles of paper Christmas decorations available, from paper mache Christmas balls and Christmas paper lanterns to tissue snowflakes and paper Christmas trees. And for as inexpensive as they are (most range from $2 to $10), they still look great. They'll make any room feel special - even if it's just for a bit of time. And if they are treated with care, these paper decorations can last through the season. If you've got multiple parties coming up (one at the school, one at the office, etc), recycling your paper decorations from party to party can save you some funds for other fun party treats.

Do It Yourself: Origami Christmas Decorations

Christmas Origami(120036)There's another side to paper Christmas decorations. If you're into crafts and have an artistic streak, you can make a bunch of decorations on your own! There are many great books out there on how to make origami Christmas ornaments and other origami holiday projects. This can be a ton of fun for the family to explore together. Kids will love the seeing the paper creations come to life, and decorating your tree with family made ornaments can make for a very special Christmas.

This is an inexpensive holiday activity, too. Origami paper typically sells for between $6 and $12 for a pack of 100+ sheets. That's a lot of family fun to be had without spending a fortune. If you love the style, but aren't artistically inclined, you can also buy Christmas ornaments that mimic the origami look. 

No matter if you're in need of easy and fun holiday decorations for your office or you're looking for a unique Christmas decoration project that your family can enjoy, paper Christmas decorations are a smart choice. They're simple and quick decorations, and yet they can still be artistic and unique if you want them to be. Either way, they make Christmas much more fun.