Paper Christmas decorations allow you to decorate affordably for the holidays. Your kids can get in on the action and help you make decorations. Making crafts from paper allows you to create unique Christmas decorations while giving you freedom over your color palette and design style.

One of the most traditional papers Christmas crafts are paper snowflakes. You can cut this lace-like decorations from ordinary white paper. You can make the designs as intricate or as simple as you want. The key is to make them look elegant so there is still a wow factor. You might want to hang them from the ceiling or put a large grouping of the snowflakes on a window. You can incorporate them into your room by creating a winter wonderland theme with lots of silver and white.

You can repurpose paper Christmas cards into holiday decorations. Cut out the pictures from your favorite scenes, removing the background, like focusing on a Victorian Santa Clause. Glue glittery pipe cleaner around the picture to act as a frame and punch a hole in the top. You can use these are Christmas ornaments that have a vintage air.

Christmas theme paper can help your presents seem cohesive under the tree. You can make your paper gift wrap from brown craft paper or paper bags. You can give it a vintage look by using old lace as a stencil for painting. For a more modern approach to gift wrap use calligraphy to write holiday wishes directly on the package or put the person's monogram for an idea that is both modern and old fashioned at the same time. Origami really comes in handy when making paper Christmas ornaments. You can create intricate stars, balls, or even cranes. A simpler way to make paper Christmas ornaments is to just cut them out. Choose an unusual motif so they look sophisticated by cutting out simple bird shapes that will have a big impact on the tree.

You can get your friends in on the paper Christmas decorations by making your loved ones a handmade card. You may want to start this project well before the holidays just so you have enough time to complete the project and so you don't get stressed out. You can use normal scrapbooking supplies for the cards. You can also just layer different papers on top of each other to make boarders and then place a cut out of a tree in the middle. Add elegance with grommets and ribbon.