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Who would ever guess you could use paper cups as a craft? Well you can. There are so many creative things you can do with a paper cup and some supplies from the craft store. Here are 10 great ideas.

1. Plant some seeds: Help your children learn the importance of taking care of their very own plant. Fill the cup ¼ way with soil. Put some seeds into the soil. Let your child water it everyday and keep it in sunlight.

2. Find the Bunny: Take a paper cup and make a small slit on the bottom. Take a popsicle stick and a small picture of a bunny. Color the bunny and glue or tape it to the top of the stick. Put the stick in the cup and through the hole. Your child can move the stick up and down to play “hide and seek” with the bunny.

3. Silly Spider: Take a plain white paper cup. Paint it your favorite color. Use two googly eyes to make the eyes. Use a thin red marker to draw the mouth. Use 8 different colored pipe cleaners and bend them to make spider legs. Poke the legs through the cup.

4. Maraca: Take two paper cups and paint them and decorate them with stickers. Put some rice or dry beans into one of the cups. Place the other cup on top so the openings are facing each other. Put tape around the two cups and how you have a handmade maraca.

5. Jelly Bean Basket: Make this cute craft as an Easter time surprise for kids. Take a white cup and with it flat on the table add googly eyes, a pink pom for a nose and a black marker to make a mouth and whiskers. Cut two small ovals out of pink foam and glue them to the back of the cup and your basket will be shaped like a bunny. Take a hole punch and make a hole in both sides. Tie a green pipe cleaner through both holes. Fill the basket with jelly beans.

6. Wind Socket: Take a plain white cup. Paint it and decorate it with stickers. Cut long strips of different colored tissue. Glue the pieces of tissue paper to the opening of the cup. Poke two small holes next to each other through the top of the cup and pull a piece of yarn through and the them. Display your new handmade wind socket on your porch.

7. Santa and Rudolph: Your kids can make these cute decorations to display with the rest of the Christmas decorations. To make Santa take a plain white cup and turn it upside down. Add googly eyes and use a black marker for the nose and mouth. Take a red crayon and give him some rosy cheeks. Take cotton balls and make his beard. Take one cotton ball and pull it apart and glue it over his mouth for his mustache. Cut a triangle out of red construction paper and glue it to the base of the cup for his hat. Add a line of cotton balls under the hat and one at the tip of his hat. To make Rudolph turn the cup upside down. Paint the cup brown. Use googly eyes and a medium size red pom pom for his nose. Use a black marker to make a mouth. Trace and cut your child’s hands out of brown construction paper. Glue the hands to the base of the cup for his antlers.

8. Party Favor Cup: Your kids will enjoy being able to participate in planning their own party. Take plain white cups and color them to match the theme of the party. Decorate with stickers to also match the theme. Fill the cups with small candy and small toys. Add a pencil and bendy straw to stick out the top.

9. Butterfly Decoration: Take your paper cup and turn it upside down. Paint it green and add googly eyes and draw a mouth. Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Poke them through the bottom of the cup to make antennas for the butterfly. Cut out two wing shapes out of white construction paper. Glue the wings to the back of the cup. Use markers and stickers to decorate the wings.

10. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gifts: What better gift than a handmade gift from your child. Take a plain white cup and cover it in foam stickers. For mothers use flower, heart, and butterflies. Fill the cup with coupons for “night out with dad”, “kids go to bed early” , or “uninterrupted bubble bath”. Also add mom’s favorite candy bar and a handmade bookmark. For dads use stickers such as baseballs, footballs, and trucks. Fill the cup with dad’s favorite candy bar. Make dad some coupons for “free car wash”, and “day with the remote” (no cartoons). Add in a mini flash light for dad to keep in his car.