Paper Jamz drums are one of the hottest toys on the market. The newest entry from WowWee as part of the Paper Jamz line will have your youngster drumming in rhythm in no time. The rise of interactive instrumental video games like Guitar Hero has led to more and more companies seeking to innovate and provide quality entertainment for kids across the nation. The line of Paper Jamz drums, amps and guitars will he a hot Christmas item this year and it is easy to see why.

Paper Jamz DrumsPaper Jamz drums are well priced at around $25. This makes them an affordable gift or something that a kid can save up allowance for. Each style of Paper Jamz drums are independent of each other and ready to play right out of the package. The different styles have different types of drums and allow for freedom of choice. They can be used in conjunction with Paper Jamz guitars and can be attached to a Paper Jamz amp, too.

Moms and dads will enjoy not only the portability but also the peace and quiet that Paper Jamz drums provide. Enclosed headphones make sure that the sounds are kept to the child and only the tapping of a budding drummer's fingers on the paper surface will be heard. There is a built in speaker with adjustable volume control when noise is not a problem. For jam sessions with friends an amp can be used for added volume. Any of these choices is far better than the deafening cacophony created by a full set of drums in the family garage.

The Paper Jamz drums come pre-loaded with some classic rock tracks that your kid will enjoy playing along with. They also have a free style mode where your child can practice solos and practice different beats and time signatures. It is fun and easy for them to create their own songs.

A set of Paper Jamz drums weights less than two pounds and are less than two inches thick. They operate off of triple A batteries. Storage and portability is easy. This is one of the biggest advantages of Paper Jamz over Guitar Hero and other video games. These drums can be taken almost anywhere: the beach, a picnic, sleepovers, long car trips, or the park. No need for TV monitors, electric power cords or gaming software. Paper Jamz drums are a great way to keep you kid occupied but also allow them to express some creativity.

If you have more than one child, Paper Jamz also offers a bundle package for less than $50. This bundle includes a Paper Jamz guitar, amplifier and Paper Jamz drums. This is a popular choice for families as it allows for the creation of an instant jam band. Paper Jamz drums are sold wherever toys are sold. It is easy to find them at Walmart or order online from Amazon. Bring the rock star experience home to your family for the holiday season or for a birthday. Kids love the interactivity provided by Paper Jamz drums and you will love the affordability, portability and peace and quiet that these toys can provide.