A Paper jamz electric guitar toy review.

Paper Jamz guitar is the new revolutionary toy that is entertaining but still educational. This electric guitar toy made the musical toy scene fun for teens and young adults but still a good educational toy on which you can learn on how to play the guitar.

Paper Jamz guitar also has some good features that no other toy guitars for kids have but still not that perfect even with those revolutionary features.

The Good

What is so good about the Paper Jamz electric guitar toy

This guitar toy for kids is great because it is the only musical toy in the market that you can play like a real guitar. Having an option to play an electric guitar toy as a real guitar is always a good choice for parents that wants their kids to be entertained but can still learn something while playing with their toys.

This electric guitar toy is that it is made up of a lightweight material which significantly cuts the weight down when compared to other guitar for kids making it more comfortable to use or to wear. It also uses less movable parts than other toy guitars making it more safe and durable for small children to use. From that lightweight material,The Wowwee company that created paper jamz guitars conjured up many paper jamz styles for your kids to choose from. Paper jamz guitars have designs that range from pop guitars to classic rock guitars for kids that appreciated pop designs more than rock or vice versa. There is even a Justin Bieber paper jamz design for Justin Bieber fans. Even if it is full of features that no other musical toys have, this electric guitar toy is affordable enough when compared to other toy guitar for kids.

The Bad

What is so bad about the paper Jamz Electric guitar toy

For every style of this paper Jamz electric guitar toy, there are 3 songs pre-recorded in it. The 3 pre-recorded songs cannot be changed or altered which means that you will be stuck with the songs you have or forced to buy another paper Jamz guitar style. There is even some  Paper Jamz styles that have unrelated music genre in them. One example of an unrelated genre of songs problem is one paper Jamz design that have one pop, one alternative rock and one heavy metal rock on it.

There is also a problem of the sound being produced in freestyle mode. Even if you can play chords or notes in your electric guitar toy, the sound being produced is not the generic electric guitar sound you often hear. The Paper Jamz guitar gives off a metal sounding sound and with this metal sounding sound, playing soft rock songs will sound weird.

The Why

Conclusions on the Paper jamz electric guitar toy

Paper Jamz the new electric guitar toyThe paper Jamz electric guitar is one of the few musical toys that is fun but can still be educational. Even with the limited number of songs you can play in one paper jamz guitar style and the sound being released is different when compared to a normal electric guitar, the ability of playing a toy like a real electric guitar is only with the paper Jamz electric guitar toy.