Unique and a bit exotic, paper star lanterns are a wonderful way to boost the atmosphere of your next special occasion or holiday event. They make great Christmas decorations, dramatic lighting fixtures for both outdoor and indoor parties, or even everyday lighting accents for your home throughout the year. Discover more about these special lanterns below, including more on their usage and the prices you'll find them for in stores.

Paper Star Lanterns: Twinkling Bright

Set of 3 Embroidered Batik Paper Hanging Lanterns Star For Christmas DecorationThere's all sorts of paper lantern choices out there, from squares to tubes and many styles in between. While all are beautiful, none of them shine as bright as paper star lanterns when it comes to creating some decor drama in your home. They've got a unique style.

Paper star lanterns are made from the same quality materials as other paper lantern varieties, typically treated rice paper or another form of kite paper and wire spines to hold the shape together. They come in many design variations. Most common are five-pointed paper star lanterns, but you can find them with up to nine points. The colors are everything under the sun. As most are hand-crafted in India, the hues can be very exotic and festive. And the lanterns often include tissue paper cutouts or small pinhole eyelets to allow the lighting inside the lantern to escape in unique patterns. All told, you'll find a lot of different looks with paper star lanterns, even though the basic shape remains relatively consistent from star to star. 

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Where To Use Paper Star Lanterns

Set of 3 Handmade Paper Stars For Festival Decoration From India

All paper lanterns are great as special event decorations. For instance, as birthday or wedding decorations, they are perfectly suited, especially if you're decorating on a budget or the space itself needs to be quickly returned to its previous state at party's end. They're easy to put up and just as easy to take down when the time comes. An especially creative look comes from pairing all of the various paper lantern shapes together. Mixing star shapes with orbs and squares can add a lot of variety and depth!

Paper star lanterns, do, though, have use cases where they are really the top paper lantern choice. During the holidays, they are exceptional Christmas decorations. Stars have a lot of meaning during the season, and mixing and matching star lanterns of reds, greens, and festive jewel tones around your home can add a real flair to your holiday. They are also great outdoor lanterns, especially for night-time parties. Seeing the star paper lanterns splashed against the night sky, as if they were stars fallen to Earth, is a fitting canvas for your special event.

And beyond special occasions, you can't go wrong with using paper star lanterns in your everyday decor, especially if your style is exotic in itself or you're looking for dramatic accent pieces that don't cost a fortune. They are excellent in living rooms, bedrooms, and indoor patios.

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Paper Star Lantern Prices

Due to the unique shapes of these lanterns, they do cost a little more than more basic-shaped paper lanterns. You'll find them typically for between $8 and $15. Note: this price is normally for the paper lantern shell itself, it does not include the electric cord or bulbs. The cords themselves are not expensive, normally around $10 per cord, and they'll last you through years of different paper lantern shells.

Paper star lanterns can really make your home decor extra special during the holidays and any number of special events. They breathe a little exotic flavor into your style, adding to the festive look you've worked so hard to create. They are remarkable backdrops for some of the most special times of the year.