A paper towel dispenser is a great way to provide a clean atmosphere in any type of bathroom. Paper towels are more sanitary and offer a number of advantages over other alternatives. Single fold, C-fold or multifold towels can fit in a unit that looks good and is functional, and these products can hold several hundred towels.

Paper towel dispensers are available with a choice of many different features and consumers are sure to find a decorative dispenser that comes in the exact color for their kitchen, restroom or bathroom. Commercial, industrial and home products can be found. Installing these models is a breeze. Some are designed to be fastened to or inserted in the wall, while others are made to be placed over or under a countertop or cabinet. These complete units can be manual or automatic.

Paper towel dispenser

Motion-activated (often battery-operated) no-touch versions are ideal for home or business use. These touchless, automated electronic machines are a superior choice for all types of situations. Hands-free products help to reduce the amount of germs that are spread from one person to the next. Auto machines are also more convenient as there is no need to touch the dispenser (which may have been touched by . They are more hygienic than ordinary designs, though a manual hygienic option is the center-pull feature.

White plastic, translucent plastic, stainless-steel or chrome - you're sure to find one that looks good in any particular application. Installing a wall-mounted model offers a sanitary way for people to dry their hands after using the restroom. The other major choice for drying hands is to use an electric air dryer. However, blow dryer machines make a lot of noise and use a lot of energy - tri-fold paper towels are just as effective, and trash can easily be thrown in a waste receptacle.

Homeowners and businesses are sure to realize benefits when they install an automatic paper towel dispenser in their home or office. These products are economical, adding little to the electric bill. Most units are made of solid metal or plastic and are designed to provide years of multi-purpose service, and can be installed under-counter or on a wall. Decorator products are also available and can be found in a color that will go well with vanities and counter-tops. Installing an under-cabinet machine will help keep a kitchen or restroom clutter free.

Consumers are offered a number of different models when they are considering purchasing a paper towel dispenser. The recessed and under-counter versions have the benefit of taking up less space at the cost of being more difficult and expensive to set up.