paraben logoDigital forensics is an emerging area of science involving the recovery and investigation of information found in digital devices such as computers, cell phones, and cameras. It's being used more and more to uncover evidence in relation to crimes and cheating spouses. Until recently a lot of the products and methods that professionals used were unavailable to the public, but that is rapidly changing. No one can say for sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. This article focuses on one company that has a line of digital forensics tools that allow anyone to find out things others wish to keep secret. The name of the company is Paraben Corporation.

Paraben was founded in 1999 and within a few years established itself as a leader in digital forensics by releasing several tools to help uncover information in such devices. They now offer consulting and services in all areas of digital investigation including training courses. The company also has a line of consumer products that lets anyone become a Sherlock Holmes. Just take a trip to their website.

iRecovery Stick ($169.00)iRecovery Stick

This is a small thumb drive USB device that can help you recover data such as text messages, contacts, internet history, call history, and calendar entries (both deleted and current) from Apple iPhones. In some cases you don't even need the phone, just load the iTunes backup file from a PC and you'll see everything you need (deleted material included). The whole process can take several hours to complete.

Who Can Use This

• Parents: Check your child's phone regularly for cyber bullies, child predators, or possible incriminating behavior.
• Husbands and Wives / Boyfriends and Girlfriends: Sometimes you just have to know if they are cheating on you.
• Employers: Employees using company phones should use it for company business, shouldn't they? Make sure they do.
• Professionals: These phones are relied on so heavily by today's business professional that you can't afford to lose any valuable information. Although data should be backed up regularly, what happens if you accidentally delete or lose essential data that is only minutes or hours old? You can get it back with this tool.

Product Features

• Portable: All software is embedded in the thumb drive itself.
• Inconspicuous: Very easy to be overlooked due to it being a thumb drive. Many people also charge their iPhones by hooking them up to a computer.
• Ease of Use: As long as you can connect the iRecovery Stick and the iPhone to the same computer, it's as simple as clicking "Start". You can also choose to separate the data into their own categories and output it to a report.

Paraben's Porn Detection Stick ($99.99)porn detection stick

A thumb drive USB device that can search all images on a computer (even if they've been deleted), scan the images for pornographic material, and then organize the information into a report that lists the suspected material. You can then go through the list and delete the material in question if you wish to. No type of software needs to be installed on the computer, so you can be sure they'll never know a search was ever performed.

Who Can Use This

• Parents: If you have been on the internet even a little then you know how easy it is to run across porn (purposely or accidentally). If your child has access to the Internet; they have access to porn no matter how old they are.
• Law Enforcement: A quick and valuable tool to easily help catch those involved in child pornography.
• Employers: Not only does pornographic material expose your computers to potentially harmful viruses but also exposes you to legal risks (sexual harassment / hostile work environment) and loss in efficiency (wasted time and resources).
• Boyfriends and Girlfriends / Husbands and Wives: Quite a few wives are buying this tool. Addiction to porn can be a serious problem in relationships. Better to nip it in the bud. Nip it!

Product Features

• Accuracy: Advanced image analyzing algorithms are used that focus on facial features, body part shapes, flesh tone colors, and more to highlight potentially harmful images.
• Portable: All software is on the thumb drive itself, so it can easily be taken anywhere and used on any computer.
• Fast: A 500 GB hard drive with 70,000 images takes about an hour and a half to go through. It would take a lot longer to do it manually, wouldn't it?
• Ability To Search Deleted Images and Internet Activity: People can easily delete images and Internet history, but this is not a problem for this tool. The old saying that "nothing is ever really deleted" is very true.

Paraben's Chat Stick ($99.99)chat stick

This USB thumb drive will search computers for instant message chat logs from a variety of popular and heavily used resources (Yahoo, MSN, Skype, etc.). You can easily find out what others are saying.

Who Can Use This

• Parents: Find out what your kids and their friends are doing or planning to do.
• Husband and Wife / Boyfriend and Girlfriend: Find out if they are remaining faithful.
• Employers: Make sure your employees are using their time to make the company better instead of chatting to friends. It's also a good way to make sure any secrets aren't being leaked to competitors.

Product Features

• Size: All software is embedded in the thumb drive itself, so you can easily take it anywhere and use it on any computer.
• Speed: The software can easily tell the difference between chat logs and similar files, so searching a computer is fast and easy. They can be copied to the stick and printed out for others to read with no problem.
• Inconspicuous: Looks like any other thumb drive.

There you have it, three digital forensics tools that can let us peer into the secret lives of others and makes anyone into a digital forensics amateur (at the very least). It's easy to see how the above products can be abused, so one should really be careful about how they are used. If parents are using them as a deterrent then it may be a good idea to tell your children before you use the products. Warn them that you can easily find out what they are doing on their devices and if they break any rules, then the product will be taken away. It may be smart to use the tools with the child present so you both can talk about what is found. However you choose to use the above tools, just remember to use them with caution. They do have beneficial uses, but can also do great harm if used haphazardly.

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