There are many ways to create a unique party experience for your child’s birthday party. You could hire entertainers that provide hand and face painting, puppet shows, costume characters, bouncy castles, crafts and other fun activities. But if you want to really impress your guests, hire a kids party entertainment company that specializes in parachute play.

 The rainbow color parachute is always a big hit at celebrations. Children love interacting with the parachute. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the parachute is more than just entertainment, it’s also educational therefore not only will your children be having a lot of fun at their birthday party but they will also be learning new skills. 

Usually when a party entertainment company brings a parachute they encourage all the kids to grab on and shake. This brings all the children of the party together and helps them to cooperate with one another. It also doesn’t matter how large or small the children are, everyone equally contributes to shaking the parachute. It also teaches them to share responsibility as well as follow the directions of the leader.

A good kids entertainer will start with a simple shaking the parachute game. This gets all the children comfortable with the parachute. One game that is common is the game “Popcorn.” Usually beanbags, or stuffed animals, are thrown into the middle of the parachute and the children have to shake them until they fly high into the air.  If a beanbag falls off, the closest child throws it back into the middle. The children shake harder and harder in attempt to make the beanbags fly which build upper body strength while also being incredibly fun. 

Another popular activity with the parachute that combines fun and education that party companies like to do is using the parachute with familiar sing-a-long songs. For example, the song “Wheels On The Bus” is great to use a parachute with. You can move the parachute left and right for the windshield wipers while you can lift the parachute up and down for the people on the bus. The children as well as the parents really have a fun time.

If you are interested in having a unique birthday party than consider having parachute play at your next child’s birthday celebration. A good kids party entertainment company will bring other activities as long as the parachute to really make your child’s birthday a fun yet also educational experience.