Paradise-like Wedding Venue in California

Close to home but far from the city buzz. The Historic Sand Rock Farm is just off the Highway 1 of Freedom Boulevard. The Bed and Breakfast is more than 100 years old and has been preserved to retain its basic architecture including the warm homey feel but things are far from being old. The farm has managed to combine the elegance with the charming appeal of old times.

So if you are looking for a wedding that will not require a long travel without sacrificing the beauty of nature, Historic Sand Rock Farm is the way to go.

The Ceremony

There is more than one option on where to exchange vows:

  • An open mezzanine with different levels and views of the stunning garden
  • The Redwood Grove
  • The barn-like cottage for indoor ceremonies
  • The cellar that contains some of their oldest antiques
  • The open pavilion that gives you an unobstructed view of the California horizon

Each offers the rustic beauty of natural environment. If you want an outdoor wedding, it would be best to set it on a summer or spring day to enjoy the full beauty and sweet smell of the blooming flowers.

The place also doesn’t limit your wedding theme. You can go casual, themed, elegant or even eclectic. The simplicity of each venue, allowing only the natural beauty of nature and age to decorate it, will make anything possible for you.

The Food

This is the only place where you will taste the real goodness of a home-cooked meal. True to its ambiance, you will be treated with abundant, fresh and generously individualized menu to fit the diet and other preference of your guests. Sheehan, the owner, works with a group for big events and it would be nice to allow Sheehan to do all the coordination. Years of experience will allow you to sit back and relax without worrying that details are going to be missed.

The Reception

An evening reception will make the place look like the sky that has descended upon the Earth. The candles that will surround your reception area will make everything and everyone glow. It makes everything more romantic and joyful. You can choose the 1885 Barrel Aging Cellar which seems nothing but an aged ceiling-less room surrounded by walls covered with moss. But once the white lanterns hovering above lights up, it becomes the stars against the dark night.

The Amenities

If you are going to have your wedding here, I suggest renting the entire place for the full weekend. Not only will it allow you to plan everything better, it will also give you a chance to enjoy the different activities near the place.

You can explore as much as you can of the Forest of Nisene Marks by walking, biking, hiking or simply making a trip for a relaxed picnic. You can get wet with the Natural Bridges State Beach and Sunset State Beach which features mountainous sand dunes and pine forests. Try some water adventure with the Elkhorn Slough Naturalist. They offer guided outdoor activities such as  bird watching.

You can relax at the Tea House Spa, learn more about nature at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, or go for the more elegant Winery Tour in any of the more than 20 excellent small wineries within a 1 hour radius.

The Service

Kris Sheehan, the owner, is probably just as popular as the farm. Her name has been the bar of excellent customer service and very few can ever measure up to her efficiency, friendliness and honesty.


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