The Great Barrier Reef, off of the coast of Cairns, Australia, is the largest reef in the world. Numerous individuals dream of visiting this oceanic aquarium during their lifetime to admire the thousands of fish, magnificent array of coral, and stunning turquoise waters the destination offers.

Diving along the Great Barrier Reef is a truly remarkable experience. Cairns offers a number of diving companies and chartered boats which are more than willing to comfortably speed you out to the reef to begin your underwater adventures, and there is more than a full day's activities awaiting once you arrive. The ride out can be a bit choppy, but a small dose of medicine is more than enough to combat any sea sickness passengers may encounter, and the ride is well worth the experience.

The dive masters are extremely experienced, many of them having worked in the area for years, and the crews are incredibly hospitable. A number of mooring lines are in place, allowing chartered boats to anchor at specified locations without harming the reef and its respective marine life, and the gear and diving plans are laid out in a simple, easy to understand format. The reef offers terrain for snorkelers, introductory divers, and even the most advanced divers, making this an ideal destination for anyone interested in diving, regardless of their experience level.

Upon entering the water hundreds of fish swim about, curiously examining the divers, and the reef's coral only becomes more vibrant in color during the descent to the sandy floor. For a moment the senses are completely overwhelmed by all the Great Barrier Reef offers, and divers must take a minute to drink in the magnificence that surrounds them. Many people are in the water at any given point, but there is more than enough reef for everyone to share, and certified divers are able to descend deeper, distancing themselves from the snorkelers and the boat.

The dive begins and the current gently pulls the divers along the reef walls. Many species of marine life are often encountered along the way, including black tipped and white tipped reef sharks, hawk's bill and green sea turtles, Maori Wrasse, and clown fish. Swim-throughs allow divers to be completely consumed by reef "tunnels" for minutes on end, and forty-five minutes ends all to quickly as the total oxygen levels in the divers' tanks become depleted.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most phenomenal areas in the world for beginner divers to start their diving careers, and remains a wonderful diving destination for even the most advanced divers. The spectacular beauty of the reef, accompanied by the tropical weather of Cairns awaiting on the Australian coast makes this a must-visit destination for all those interested in ocean life.