Both ancient Israel and the US share many parallels, from their origins, development, government systems, and eventual decline. This cannot just be coincidental; rather the same God has been involved in both cases. Indeed, old Israel mirrors America in many ways. This article shows the flourish and decline of these two nations, based on their relationship with the Biblical God.


Israel multiplied in the land of Egypt to become a nation within a nation. The nation had come there in the time of a great famine, where one of their own, Joseph, would nourish them for he was in power. At the time of their journey to Egypt, they were about 76 persons. After about four centuries, persecution struck them in the foreign land and the need for deliverance arose.

America was originally uninhabited, save for a few Indian natives. The Pilgrim Fathers fled Europe to America owing to religious persecution by Christian orthodoxy. They, like Israel, wanted a land where they would worship God in freedom. The Puritans followed the pilgrims into the new land. It is from these migrations that the initial 13 states arose in the 17th Century.

The New Land and Manner of Life

Israel conquered the natives of Canaan and took over the land under Joshua’s leadership. It was a theocracy, a nation under God. In this land, Israel lived by divinely given precepts unlike other nations who worshiped idols. Initially, the type of leaders for the nation was Godly men like David and Solomon. David hardly made a move without first consulting God.

King David of IsraelCredit: Wikimedia

The new citizens of America took over the nation by pushing the natives into reserves. Native numbers greatly dwindled. In the new land, these founders of the state began their sojourn by saying they were there in the name of God. The Bible was the book that gave directions and in 1782, Congress approved Bible use in all schools. The first amendment came alive, which gave the legal right to freedom of religion, speech, press and the right to assemble and protest. Family life was central in society and men talked to their families about God at the dining table.

Founding fathers of America were of high caliber since they were Christians and they drew their strength from God. Men like Washington, Sam Adams, John Adams, Patrick Henry, for example, depended on God even for affairs of government. The nation prospered because of regarding God highly.

George Washington US PresidentCredit: WikimediaEvil King Ahab of IsraelCredit: WikimediaPresident ObamaCredit: Wikipedia

God meant for these two nations to be global leaders and to prosper so long as they obeyed him through his word in their day. Prosperity and power made them the envy of others. However, a nation can only prosper, religiously, politically, morally, economically by submitting to God.


Israel began its decline when they embraced idolatry, particularly through Jeroboam who caused a split into two nations of Israel and Judah. Jeroboam led Israel, which had 10 tribes while Judah had two. This is just like America with the Democrats and the Republicans, where partisan politics hurt the nation often. The caliber of leaders kept deteriorating in Israel until Ahab came in who happened to be the worst. Ahab had a foreign, idolatrous wife (Jezebel) who manipulated him and brought Baal worship into Israel and Judah. Indeed, the Bible records that God began to diminish Israel through their enemies, as stated in 2Kings 10:32.

America began its decline when they began sidelining God; people disregarded the family unit, authorities kicked prayer and the Bible from public schools, children learned evolution in schools, abortion was allowed and leaders promoting a homosexual agenda got into office. Political leaders of such poor caliber began to get into office, such that the present leadership is simply fraud. Preachers, like the prophets of old, went all over the land trying to get people back to God, but only a few heeded the call. Today, the nation is in decline spiritually, morally, politically and economically. The nation has a debt from which it is hardly possible to extricate itself.


Owing to Israel and Judah rejecting God’s word and worshiping idols, heathen nations uprooted them from their land and carried them to heathen lands to be servants there. Assyrians carried Israel in 721 BC and Babylon carried Judah from 606 BC.

Could America be going the same way? Probably God could allow the nations of the East to diminish America as what happened to Israel, for the nation has despised the Almighty.


Old Israel and the United States share many parallels, which cannot be coincidental. These similarities show how a nation can prosper under God, and then go into decline and lose its place for rejecting the same God.