What it takes to become a paramedic:

Becoming a paramedic can be a very long process that requires 18-24 months of study before even being considered, with a paramedic salary ranging state to state. Like most people interested in EMT jobs, you want to know what you can expect to be paid, and what you can expect your schedule to be like as a paramedic.

What a paramedic does:

The role of the paramedic is to provide safe transport, and pre-hospital care to emergency victims. As a first responder to the scene of an emergency, they are responsible from everything from spinal injury assessment and management to childbirth assistance.

How a paramedic's salary is determined:

The salary of any emergency medical services professional depends entirely on their training, experience, and location. In addition to regular training and classes, those who want to pursue a career as a paramedic usually must first complete at least a year of active duty as a emt-b, or an emergency medical technician-basic.

After your training to become an EMT-B you can expect to earn around $8-14 per hour riding along in the ambulance. You will be responsible for pre-hospitalisation stabilization and treatment. In general EMTs are limited to "non-invasive" procedures or basic life support. Their main focus is to provide rapid-in-field treatment, and transport.

Once you have experience in the field, and after all of your pre-requisites have been met, it is time to apply to a paramedic training program. While find a program that fits your budget is important, like any schooling the connections and job placement reputation are important factors to consider when choosing a school.

Once you have completed you EMT-B training, worked in the field alongside other paramedic, and graduated your paramedic training program, you can begin looking for job placement. Job placement assistance can usually be found from the school or house where you trained for your EMT-B exam. Otherwise local and internet job boards are a great source of leads, along with visiting local ambulance corps.

How much does the average paramedic earn?

The average salary of a paramedic varies state to state, but in general you can expect to earn between $33,000 and $51,000 per year.

The highest starting salary states include: Alaska ($46,630), Oregon ($43,220), Washington ($41,830), Hawaii ($47,380), and Maryland ($41,530).

A day in the life of an EMT-Paramedic:

The average day of a paramedic can be extremely demanding and chaotic. But the reward of saving lives every day far outweighs the long hours, and unpredictable schedule. Since the emergency medical services field is not extremely high paying, it is important that you have a passion for the work, and compassion for your patients. Although the pay may be considered low to some, the employment outlook is great, as there are always new opening in both the public (fire department, ambulance core) and the private sector. Scheduling can be sporadic, with many shifts being 24 hours on, 2 days off, but many people like it compared to the regular 9 to 5.