Haunted Manor

I knew early on that there was an unseen world that was somehow connected to our physical world, and that the inhabitants of that world sometimes slipped in and out of our space. I knew, because as a child, I had a few of my own experiences that were undeniable. Experiences that developed into adulthood. They scared me, they fascinated me, but mostly, they really piqued my curiosity. I think that's how most people who have a fascination with the paranormal world feel; frightened but at the same time, very intrigued.

As I got older, the nature of my experiences changed. As a teen, I had begun experimenting with the Ouija board, and I believe that my communications through the Ouija board played an important role in helping to facilitate some of my later 'metaphysical' experiences. It also led to the creation and then publication of my first channeled book. I was doing numerous radio interviews to promote the book, and listeners would often call in with questions. A question that often came up was, "have you ever been on a ghost hunt?" My response was always "No, but I would really like to." After being asked that question enough times, I decided it was finally time to give it a try.

Find a Local Paranormal Society

I joined a local paranormal society that had been established for years. This one just happened to be affiliated with the TAPS ghost hunting show seen on t.v. They had lots of ghost hunting expeditions to their credit, and their team leader seemed to be very knowledgeable, and very willing to teach me everything she knew.

To anyone interested in learning to 'ghost hunt,' I would highly recommend that you seek out a local paranormal society. Never just go out on your own to try it. Only go out wParanormalith people who have lots of experience under their belts. I've heard some pretty scary stories from a few members of my 'ghost hunting' team. Only try this with professional 'hunters' and, I repeat, never go out on your own.

I wasn't planning on doing this full time. My own goal was to go out on a few expeditions, gain a bit of experience and knowledge, and hopefully encounter some ghosts. If I was lucky, I would even capture voices on digital recorder (evp), and if I was even luckier, I would capture something on video.

Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment

Another note to anyone wanting to try ghost hunting, you need to have a least some basic equipment. There's no point in going on a hunt with no equipment. Your equipment will pick up what your eyes and ears can't. There are basic starter kits that you can get at a very reasonable price. And don't forget to bring a flashlight. Watch the video below and you'll see why.


Paranormal Activity Caught on Video