I live in the Los Padres National Forest, 40 miles north on the I-5 from Valencia California and the Magic Mountain theme park. The area known as Frazier Park is about a mile above sea level. Far from city lights and metropolis, many people come out with telescopes to view the stars on New Moon nights. The air is clear because there is less people, and less light pollution. In addition to the regular star gazers we have more than the normal paranormal activity.

UFOs or unidentified flying objects are just about anything that a person can not explain. Most recently a large oval shaped object was view flying over head, just around dusk on a night when no military activity was known to be scheduled. The large oval object did not have the regular mandated lights of airplanes or helicopters. The object flew noiselessly and appeared to land in a nearby canyon. No known alien abductions took place that night.

Another time there was a daylight sighting. This sighting of unexplained activity happened right by the Lebec offramp from the I-5, about 5 miles south of the Frazier Park offramp. It was a clear day without a cloud in the sky when all of a sudden my friend noticed to very large very odd shaped clouds in the sky. There were just two and they were not moving. She was thinking this was odd because usually clouds drift in the sky. She blinked and looked back and the clouds had completely disappeared. There was not anything in the sky any more, just like that. Alien hovercraft? UFO? You be the judge.

On yet another occasion two small beings were noted rustling through the brush on a mountain trail in the Los Padres National Forest. Two small to be bears, two bi-pedal to be raccoons or bobcats, they were believed to be aliens. No clear picture was taken before they disappeared.

In additional to alien sightings there are also "ghosts" in many of the houses built above 6,000 feet in Pine Mountain Club, California. This neighborhood is located about 20 miles in from the Frazier Park I-5 offramp. These ghosts are auditory, wail, speak, grumble and complain. Sometimes their noise is so disturbing a shaman must be called to ask them to go away. Usually the ghosts are of Chumash Indians, who inhabited the area before the present buildings and houses were built. On rare occasions the ghosts even move things or knock things over.

Some people with a Christian background view the ghosts and unexplained phenomenon as "angels", "devils" or demons depending on if the spirits seem malicious or kind. The groaning and screeching can be disturbing and scary. I can see how someone might interpret it as demonic. But truthfully no one in this area has ever been physically injured by these strange phenomenon. Its more just irritating and distracting if you're trying to watch TV and the noise won't stop. Sometimes too dogs are frightened by these ghosts. They bark with the hair on their spines raised, tails up like flags; the humans in the room see nothing. Sensitive humans feel the icy coldness.

What are these unexplained sightings anyway? To paraphrase Shakespeare, there are more things in heaven and earth than are known in our philosophy. I think the scientific might view them as alien life forms, the romantic as ghosts, the Christian as demonic beings. They might be echoes of the past or visions from the future. Perhaps someone a thousand years from now has made a time machine, and we are simply feeling the effects.