Hunt a Haunting

                 This is a basic guide to hunting paranormal ghost experiences. Despite what you might think, the best way to see, or feel ghosts or a spiritual presence is not by taking a trip to your local cemetery or supposedly haunted house. Think about it. People have lived and died on earth for several centuries. Where we live now, wherever we live, had to be settled by some one, at some point. This means that the spirits of the deceased are all around us at any given point and time. Sure, some places may have a higher concentration of paranormal activity, and this could be for many reasons. Battles could have taken place there, or other ghastly or massively fatal events. However, in the grand scheme of things, spirits can generally be perceived anywhere there are people.

            Before even attempting to see a ghost, one must get into the right mindset to allow such unusual phenomena to be perceived.  Fear must be put on a shelf entirely, because this is the single largest complication in ghost hunting. It is normal to fear the paranormal, but the more one wallows in it, the less likely they are to achieve the calmness and tranquility required to truly have an experience. Also, when one is afraid, they are many times more likely to interpret an explainable event as a spiritual one.

           In order to open your mind up to the unexplained without fear, it is important to understand the fact that spirits are not of our physical plane, an therefore cannot do us any substantial harm beyond a startling or at worst case a scratch. A relatively agreed upon method of protection should you want to be sure ghosts will not try and interact with you, is to imagine a thick field of energy surrounding you like a force field.  Ghosts deal in energy, and this wall you’ve built for your self is as thick to them as a brick wall would be for us.  If in fact you do feel a physical sensation from a ghost, consider yourself lucky, as this is the Holy Grail to many a ghost hunter.


              After quelling fear, the remaining preparation is relatively easy, but also important. Relaxation and clearheaded must be achieved in order to experience the often-faint signs of paranormal activity. This step is up to you, as only you know what best clears your head. Some often-used techniques include listening to soothing music, or forms of meditation and yoga.

              Now, if you insist, you can try hunting in some “spooky” place, but the following will work just as well, and with less chance of distracting fear, when done at home or in a familiar quiet place.  Sit down in a comfortable position, whatever works best for you. You don’t want to be focused on anything uncomfortable like sitting cross-legged if you aren’t flexible, so experiment until you’ve found a totally relaxed posture. Try and tune your entity in its entirety to the surroundings. Slow your breathing, relax and close your eyes, and become a part of wherever you are. Being in tune with the surroundings is very important, as spirits will have to exert less energy to manifest themselves to you. If you know anything about the ghosts you are trying to witness, try and make yourself acceptable to them by bringing with you objects thy would have found familiar, or once belonged to them if you can.

              Just relax in your environment, and while maintaining the barrier around yourself, open up to their presence. Whether your eyes are open or closed should not matter very much, as ghosts are perceived rather than simply seen. You do not have to verbally communicate, only think, and should a spirit be present, it should interoperate your message successfully. If you are in the right state of mind, anywhere you relax and try and make contact, with persistence, should yield results. Some things to look out for are chills, strange alien feelings like sadness or glee for no reason, and Goosebumps. Don’t be too upset if you cannot establish any contact, because it is up to the spirits as to whether or not they will manifest. You may simply not be their type. Persistence is key. Good luck!