My family, friends and other parasites

The only parasites that herbal remedies cannot get rid of are the two-legged ones! We make jokes about "human parasites" or people who take advantage of us. In many ways their behaviour is parasitic. Parasites are like unwelcome guests who thrive on our resources and damage our property. We unwittingly become hosts to opportunistic people who find our home environment very comfortable - especially if there is a steady supply of delicious food. They can make a mess in all the rooms, break things and raid the larder when they feel like it. The same thing happens within the human body when infested with large parasites such as worms and flukes that can easily be seen with the naked eye. They have to go!

Welcome to the world of parasites! How safe is your salad?

How safe is your lettuce

Pork meat is often riddled with tapeworm cysts and eggs. But vegetarians are also at risk of getting infected by parasites because worm eggs are all over the place and easy to pick up - especially from a raw salad! Not all parasites are going to kill you, because they live with you and need you to stay healthy enough to sustain their cushy existence. Any food you cannot digest properly becomes theirs automatically but they also rob us of valuable nutrients. This can lead to malnutrition and especially weight loss.

Not all doctors are aware of the damage and pain that parasites can cause in the gut. One man suffered from intense pain in his intestines and was given many courses of antibiotics and at the hospital they prescribed a number of medications but nothing helped him. The pain got worse and he kept on complaining. Eventually his doctor did some investigative surgery. They found bundles of large very agile whip worms thrashing around inside his gut.

Many years ago, according to a popular story, there was a cunning slimming product on the market. Tapeworm eggs! When a lady forgot to take her dose of the magic slimming pills they remained on her dressing table and a few days later she noticed a bundle of worms wriggling around. They had burrowed out of the slimming pills! Worms may help us to lose weight but they make us vulnerable to other diseases because they carry their own bundle of parasites.

How tapeworms and creepy crawly parasites give you colds and flu

We go about our daily business without knowing that we carry a host of germs, neatly packed into the larger parasites we call vectors. If the infectious microbes escape they can make us ill so indulging the larger parasite - also known as an intermediate host or vector has its advantages. We think we catch a cold and get really nervous about infected people breathing, sneezing or just being near us.

But if the parasite inside you that harbours for instance, one of the adenoviruses that cause colds and flu releases its cargo you get infected. The viruses and other germs will only stay inside a live worm or other large parasite. If the worm is killed as a result of taking a treatment for worms, for instance, then the viruses escape. The adenovirus migrates to the respiratory tract if it is not stopped in time by the immune system. You get symptoms of colds and flu - a runny nose, sneezing and a fever as a result. This is known as auto-infection.

Dr Hulda Regehr Clark spent many years observing the behaviour of microbes and parasites. She used electronic devices that could detect their frequencies within the body, in food and around the home. Her book "The Cure For All Diseases" has fascinating accounts of who's who in the zoo that is inside of you. The studies and case histories in the book also help to show that the common cold we "catch" can also come from a parasite that is carried by a larger parasite you may have. She has found over 50 species within the adenovirus family. They like to infect the upper respiratory tract where they cause symptoms of colds and flu. Dr Hulda has worked out effective and cheap ways to knock out most of the diseases that affect us because, like a good soldier she knows her enemies and uses simple tactics for their weaknesses. We too, can learn how to prevent colds and flu. 

Hulda Regher Clark protocols

Adenoviruses are good business. They are responsible for the annual sales of tons of tissues, painkillers, cold capsules and cough mixtures. Taking antibiotics to get rid of this group of viruses is self-defeating so why do people take them? A virus shrugs off antibiotics because they can only destroy bacteria. So then the antibiotics go and kill off your gut bacteria - the very heart of our immune system. When there is a healthy population of what we call probiotics, or beneficial gut bacteria they protect us from mould-based infections. If antibiotics have upset this part of the immune function then the adenovirus teams up with the mould and begins to proliferate so your cold and flu symptoms get worse.

Vitamin C kills mould and this is why taking large quantities of it can forestall a cold in the early stages. You are exposed to many forms of mould, especially in poorly ventilated bathrooms and closets. You can see the black patches of mould growing in some places. Get rid of it by scrubbing down the surfaces with white vinegar. We ingest mould that has infected stale bread and especially blue cheese. This is the mould that teams up with the adenovirus and unleashes a bout of colds and flu! So avoid the mould and take high doses of vitamin C.

We are constantly exposed to tapeworms as well as their eggs and larvae in our environment. The eggs even drift around in the air that circulates around us. We inhale the critters!  There is no guarantee that we are 100% free of them, let alone dust mites that take over most of our homes. So, we have plenty of these parasites and they are charming and generous hosts to over 50 strains of adenoviruses. Get the picture? The adenovirus is a parasite of a parasite!

Herbs anti parasite

Herbs that kill microbes and parasites. How many do you recognise?

Anti-clockwise from the top left: ivy, olive leaves, oregano, nasturtium, artemisia and watercress. There are many herbs that kill parasites because plants also need to survive and their leaves contain chemicals that are poisonous to worms, flukes and microbes, etc. Olive leaves, for instance, are harmful to tapeworms, malaria and adenoviruses. Active substances within these slender, bitter green leaves attack the protein-based part of the viruses. Consult a qualified practitioner when using herbal remedies, especially if you are pregnant or take medications.

Gut bacteria outnumber human cells 10 : 1

Bacteria are good or bad, depending on where they live, how many are present and what they do. This is also true of plants we call weeds. For instance, a dandelion has a pretty yellow flower. A field of them is a colourful sight. We make herbal remedies from the leaves and roots. But to a gardener with a neat and tidy patch of lawn, the dandelion is a cursed weed. The same goes for our gut. We have a load of bacterial strains, yeast, fungi and mould. We need to weed out the bad or pathogenic ones and feed and look after the beneficial species, such as our gut flora. Many people complain about yeast infections, especially candidiasis but probiotics eat yeast so if there are enough of these strains of beneficial gut bacteria there should be no yeast left to cause infections.


When in balance, our gut parasites can live together in harmony because the inner terrain remains healthy and able to sustain them (and us). They go about their business of digesting food, breaking down waste material, dealing with toxins, gobbling up mould, making vitamins or enzymes and modifying hormones. With a well-stocked population of probiotic strains it is possible for the different species to sustain each other. Each has a purpose. Beneficial bacteria help to control pathogenic microbes, especially mould and fungi due to yeast infestations that make us ill.

Deworm OTCArtemesia Afra wormwood kills parasites

But the larger worms have to go! Get rid of them. The most common offenders are: tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm and pin worms. Remedies containing mebendazol or piperine work well. Artemisia (Wormwood) is a herb that is good for eradicating worms and helps to control other diseases such as malaria as well. Olive leaves are also effective. A young man who was losing weight and feeling tired was advised to take olive leaf tablets. After two weeks he expelled a few huge tapeworms. Rather an empty house than a bad tenant!

Adult worms are easy to eradicate but we need to kill off the eggs they leave behind. Adult worms lay thousands of eggs and they hatch out three weeks later. To end the cycle use powdered cloves to kill the eggs that stay inside the intestines. Simply take a pinch of clove powder every day. Some people like to mix it with honey. According to Dr Clark cloves kill worm eggs and it is advisable to keep up the clove treatment for a few days after getting rid of the worms. We also need to treat our cats and dogs for worms on a regular basis. I add clove powder to a little talcum powder and rub it into their fur. Somehow they manage to lick themselves and ingest the cloves and the worms don't come back.

The problem with helicobacter pylori and stomach ulcers is the pH of the terrain

Bacteria that proliferate in the gut are often to blame for stomach ulcers. Helicobacter pylori is a resident strain of  stomach bacteria and has been inside a human gut for as long as we have had a stomach. This bacteria does not do any harm under normal circumstances and is not the "bad guy" as we may think. Not all stomach ulcers are caused by helicobacter pylori. Some people don't ever have a problem with stomach ulcers and yet they have a lot more of this bacteria than other people. New medical evidence shows that if all the helicobacter pylori is killed off then other diseases that affect the oesophagus gain the upper hand.

Stomach acid is very intense, at a pH of 2. When there is a good supply of bismuth it can stay that way. When stomach acid weakens the volume of the hydrochloric acid solution increases to stay effective. Stomach acid must be very acidic to digest and break down food but also to kill - you guessed it, parasites! Doctors associate higher levels of helicobacter pylori (a parasite) with stomach ulcers. Eradicating this bacteria with a potent course of combined antibiotics gets rid of some stomach ulcers.

Increase stomach acid intensity to pH 2

If we fail to attend to keeping stomach acid at an intense level (pH 2) we begin to suffer from what we call age-related problems. Our bones weaken, we suffer from indigestion, acid reflux and brittle hair and fingernails. Parasites and infections gain the upper hand and our bills for antibiotics, anti inflammatory drugs, painkillers and expensive food supplements increase. Our food cannot be our medicine if we fail to have strong stomach acid that is able to digest it and help assimilate the nutrients. The terrain weakens and we pay the price.

Salt kills yeast

It is easy enough to solve this problem by taking a hydrochloric acid supplement. It is best to swallow a capsule before lunch and supper. Take digestive enzymes as well, especially pepsin. Salt is important as it supplies the most important raw material: sodium chloride to make our hydrochloric acid (stomach acid). Without salt you are sure to have weak stomach acid, that's pretty obvious.

Heartburn is not a deficiency of antacids, it is just the opposite! Too much acid, but it is too weak so more and more of it gurgles around the stomach. You need to have the "guts" to increase the acidity when you feel the burn. People who suffer from heartburn often crave pickles or even lemon juice. These acidic morsels help to relieve the discomfort. They temporarily increase the acidity, they change the terrain and this is what controls our vulnerability to bacteria and other pathogens. A bit of strong stomach acid goes a long way. A lot of weak stomach acid gives us heartburn and does not kill off the pathogenic bacteria.

E Coli

Parasites are here to stay. But we can control their numbers and their activities. The good guys do not hurt us and we need to look after them. But the baddies like tapeworms suck you dry and we need to get rid of them. As for family and friends, politicians and money lenders? Herbal remedies are not very effective!

The best way to deal with parasites

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