Parenting: Choosing and Buying Child's Devils costumes

Every parent will hate to hear someone call their child a "little devil". If that is the case, why would a parent want to buy a child's devils costume for his child? Can this be considered an inoffensive costume that can be bought for your children? Parents are generally advised to lead by example and it can be quite a challenge raising your child to be a responsible adult. Is buying a child's devil costume a sign of parental irresponsibility?

The devil in child's devils costumes

Who is the devil? Wikipedia states that the devil is believed to be a powerful being and also an enemy of God and humankind. The devil is said to command forces of angels also known as demons. If you think of what this definition implies, you will probably not be bothered by it or you will not want to be associated with child's devils costumes. Would you say that a retailer selling a child's devils costume marketed as "child's 9/11 bomber costume" is irresponsible and disrespectful thing to do? What about child's holocaust costumes? Those might be extreme examples but they should drive home the point. Parents should definitely think before deciding whether to buy child's devils costumes or not. Is it because we are no longer touchy about the devil like we are about the holocaust and the September 11 attacks?

You don't believe in the devil and child's devil costumes

What if you don't believe in the devil and you feel that child's devils costume is inoffensive fun? That is probably the beauty of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. You are allowed to buy the child devils costume if you so desire. What about parents who want to instill Christian values in their children, should they also consider the child's devils costume as harmless fun? That will depend on how profound your Christian values are. You might be what some will call liberal Christian hence you will see no problem in buying the child's devils costume for your children. If you are a practicing devout Christian, you will definitely want to stay away from buying the child's devils costume.

Finance and Child's Devils costumes

If you are frugal about the money you spend, will buying a child's devils costume be wise? Well, when was the last time anyone ever bought a costume based on a rational thinking? Finance does play in important part in child's devils costume but you also need to think about how often your child will be able to use the child's devils costumes. If money is a not a problem does it mean that you should still buy the child's devils costume? The fact that you can afford something doesn't mean you should buy it. The same can be said about child's devils costumes.

Christianity and child's devils costume.

The fact that a lot of parents proudly present their little children in child's devils costume highlights a profound problem that started years ago. It shows that religion plays little or no role in the lives of many people. These people not to blame because religious leaders have destroyed the confidence of many in organized religion and in God. That has lead to Satan or the devil being fashionable. It would have been unthinkable some years ago to dress your child as a devil not to talk about buying a child's devil costumes. In those days, how many retailers will be willing to risk the wrought of the locals by offering child's devils costumes? How times have changed and religious leaders and organized religion have played a strong role in sapping the beliefs of people in God and Christianity

Child's devils costumes and lies about the appearance of the devil

Well if religion depicted the devil to be red and in hell with a pitch fork, where did they get the idea from? The fact is that when people begin to realize that hell fire doesn't exist and that the devil doesn't dress in red, they might begin to question the very existence of the devil. This also leads to people saying that child's devils costume is harmless fun and there is nothing wrong with a little bit of fun.