Raising a child is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and if you're a single mother, it can be even harder. Every single mom's situation is different, and the decisions you make as a parent are dependent on the specifics of your situation. But these tips should provide some insight that will hopefully prove useful as you deal with challenges (and rewards) of being a single mom.

The issue of discipline
Not having a partner to back you up when you're child is having discipline issues can be hard. The main problem in such situations is that it is hard to get through to your child, i.e. get him to open up and talk to you. In such cases, enlist the help of a trusted friend or relative. A third party can sometimes be the key to successfully talking to your child and getting him to open up. Remember to always reassure your kid that you're there for him no matter what and he shouldn't be afraid to come up to you and tell you if anything's wrong.

Extracurricular activities
When you're a single mom who's working one or maybe even multiple jobs, driving your child to school, plays, and soccer games is not always easy or even possible. One good way to solve this problem is to make friends with other parents and trade rides with them. When your work schedule conflicts with a soccer game, the other parents can give your kid a lift and you can return the favor later on. This is a great way to build a positive community around you and your child.

When your child is sick or in need of special attention, the law protects your right to leave work early or to be absent for a few days so that you can take care of your child. Make sure you know your rights as a parent and don't be afraid to talk to your boss if a situation requiring your attention as parent comes up.

Male role models
Providing a good male role model for your child is not easy if you're a single mom. But it is true that every child, especially male children, needs one. Have a trusted male friend or male family member come over and play with your child from time to time, so that your child has a good male role model to look up to, it doesn't matter if it's an uncle, a grandfather or a good neighbor.

Remember you are not "single"
Right now, your biggest and most important responsibility is raising your kid. The dating scene is going to have to wait until your child is old and mature enough to handle it. Also, be sure to explore more resources for black parents available in addition to these tips.