When I say the word "Jumper" a couple of things probably come to mind:

a)  A guy standing out on a ledge overlooking a dozen cops and firefighters below, screaming.  I'm gonna jump!  For some reason I can picture Samuel L Jackson screaming back at him to do it.

b) The 2008 box-office flop in which the characters jump to locations all over the world.  I actually tried to watch this movie on DVD...not the best way to spend 88 minutes.  Maybe a vodka-shot would have helped...maybe not.

c)  The kids toy, in which you put your kid inside and they jump around and get entertained.  This is what I'm here to talk to you about.

As a parent of a four month old, we were in the market for a jumper.  People that have never had kids, especially infant kids probably look at jumpers and think, WOW what an epic waste of money.   They probably think: "When I have kids, I'll never waste money on crap like that".  I'm here to tell you something Mr. or Mrs.  Smart-Ass.  Yes you will.

When you buy a jumper, you probably think you are exchanging hard earned dollars for a kids toy right????  WRONG!  You are actually exchanging hard earned dollars for something completely different.   You are buying entertainment for your child.   You are buying something that helps them work their little brain and practice their hand-eye coordination....but most of all, you are buying yourself a little time.

Yeah, that's right, you are blowing $100 bucks or so on TIME.  You can actually put your little one in their bouncer, sit down, ex hail and take a little break for a change!  The thing is that at four months of age, our little one likes to do only a handful of things.  Sleep, poop, pee, eat, coo, smile, laugh...but lately I've noticed that if he's awake, he usually wants to be sitting upright and doing something, not just laying down, or he wants to be held.

We picked up this bouncer at Babies R Us, it was on sale for $100.  Which is a lot of money, but totally worth it.  The assembly took about 20 min with the help of my 7 yr old daughter.  Which by the way is nice to include your older kids on projects like this, for great memories and help bond with the little ones.  When our son was placed in the bouncer and started playing, it made my daughters day!

So, the lesson here boys and girls is that things are not always what they seem.  Next time you see a sleep deprived couple walking into to Babies R Us, leaving with a bouncer or one of those little swing things, don't judge them for being crazy parents who just wanna blow money!  Don't say, I will NEVER do that!  Because likely you will one day, trust me, you will.

Think of them as regular people who may be currently overwhelmed with the duties of being a new parent, and are looking for something to give them little break in the form of a toy which also helps their kid learn and stay entertained.  Every minute is precious as a new parent, because there are so many extra chores that come up like washing bottles, changing diapers, doing extra laundry, just to name a few.

A little extra time is definately worth the $100 expense.

Baby Einstein Jumper pic