Parenting a Gamble, the depressing truth

Life goes in a cycle. Birth is thought to be the beginning and death not always the end. The joys that are mostly related to a new life are mostly short lined. Bringing a child into the world is also a painful experience for mothers and a stressful one for the fathers. From the beginning everything relating to parenting is a gamble. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Since day one, the odds are stacked against you. Parenting is a big gamble that so many are no longer willing to take. Those who are fortunate will give birth to a healthy child. Those who are unlucky will either have a disabled child or the child might not live through the first week. Then you will have to endure sleepless nights for several months if all goes according to plan.

For those experienced in child rearing, it is often said that the older children get, the bigger the problems. The teenage years are the most difficult for parents. An angelic child might start to behave like someone possessed. No matter how many book you've read about this phase, there is nothing that can possibly prepare you for what to come. Here are a few things you might have to deal with.

Parenting a Gamble your child is Gay: if you have a conservative upbringing, it will really put you love to the test. Most parents have planned out their children's life in their mind. Your son or daughter announcing that he/she is gay will be a difficult pill to swallow. It seems the more you dislike gay people the bigger the likelihood that someone very close to you will be gay. That is why Parenting a Gamble.

Parenting a Gamble your child and Teenage pregnancy: you think your little angel is still a virgin. Even if you believe in the virgin marry, it is not going to be easy to deal with. There is no way your teenager will convince you of Immaculate Conception. That is why Parenting a Gamble.

Parenting a Gamble your child and Drugs: this is what happens to others but don't be fooled. If it happens to others it can happen to you. You just pray it is not one of the hardcore drugs. That is why Parenting a Gamble.

Parenting a Gamble your child and Death: not everyone lives to the ripe age of 80. Many parents have lost their children to road accidents, drugs, illness, etc. When that takes place, it is as if someone has just ripped your heart out. Death is at times a lot like raising children it can be painful and unexpected. That is why Parenting a Gamble.

Parenting a Gamble your child and Divorce: parenting can put a huge strain on your marriage. If you can't handle both, you might end up losing your children and your marriage. That is why Parenting a Gamble.

Marriage is a gamble and parenting is a bigger gamble. You've read the depressing truth. This will not put you off getting married or having children. If it goes wrong at least you cannot say you have not been warned. If it goes well, count yourself lucky.