Retweet this: Woman Names Her Child After "#"

The world has become run by social media websites. Every day people feel an inclination to check their Facebook pages, tweet their current thoughts on Twitter or take pictures of any and all things they see (including their lunch) and uploading it to Instagram. Some would even say that our attachment to Hashtag(122709)these social media sites is becoming a real addiction. But I always denied such claims and attributed my constant scanning of my Facebook newsfeed to a side-effect of boredom.

I refused to believe that we have come to grow attached to these applications. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that these things may have profound and lasting impressions on those who use them. 

That was until I heard the news.

Apparently, a woman who had a baby on November 23rd loved Twitter so much, she decided to name her baby girl after it. No, seriously. When this little girl is being called on for attendance in school, she will answer to the impossible: Hashtag Jameson. Hashtag as in that little "#" you see all the time browsing Twitter. Her name is going to be a referral symbol.

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Surprised? I can't say I wasn't. But what does this say about parents these days? What does it say about all of us? One of us was willing to name our child after a symbol used to tag Twitter statuses. When people talk about this being the information era, I didn't think it meant we've grown so attached to social media that it became something we name our kids after!

With a raised eyebrow and an exasperated sigh, I saw this news and decided to myself, "This is a fluke. Surely this woman is the only one who would ever do something like this. It must be a gimmick! It must be some sort of advertisement by the company!" As it turns out, though, this isn't anything new. People have been naming their kids after social media trends for a while now:


A baby named "Like?" A baby named Facebook? I'm still finding it pretty hard to believe these things happen. But if you stop and consider the facts, it really isn't that crazy. How many times have people been named after current social trends? There's a reason that many African Americans in the generation following the Civil War shared last names like "Freedman" or past Presidents. It was the big thing of the time. That whole freedom thing really took off fast. Joking aside though, it was the most pervasive social trend of the time. It mattered a heck of a lot more, of course, but it was still, in the barest sense, a social trend like social media is today.

If that sounds like too much of a stretch to connect to baby Hashtag, then consider how many children are named after famous actors, historical figures or musicians. It's a lot more common than you might think. And these things are all, in some form, a part of the culture of the time. As crazy as it sounds, this generation is becoming defined by social media. We are the children of the information age. There may be no bigger influence in Mrs. Jameson's life than all the information she garners daily from her Twitter page. So, she named her child after the cultural phenomenon du jour. 

But still. Poor baby Hashtag. She's going to need a nickname. Kids will pick on her in school without a shadow of a doubt. I know that social media is probably the most major aspect of the 2010's lifestyle, but is that really an excuse to torture a poor girl? I know I would never subject my own child to such a fate.

She has every right to hold this against her mom for eternity.

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That'll be the least of her problems, I'm sure!