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Kids are the gifts of god and parents must take care of those gifts with high values. The first thing they have to consider is their health.  As a healthy child is the greatest asset of a nation, it’s the duty of parents to grow their kids healthy. Prime importance should be given to create a happy environment for the healthy raising of a child. The kid should never feel that he is isolated or he is not getting the love and care from his parents.  Therefore, parents should always avoid any fuss or fights regarding family matters beside the child. Raising kids in a calm and peaceful environment is the vital thing required in growing them healthy. The second major factor that governs this is food and drinks. Let’s discuss some important points to be considered while feeding the kids.

1 Make balanced and tasty food

A balanced food only can meet the healthy needs of a growing child. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates in right amounts constitute a balanced food.  Milk, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and pulses together make-up this. Children show some likes and dislikes in taking foods. Make foods tasty with the flavors they like and add the necessary ingredients to make it balanced. Try to feed them in a play-way method that makes them easier to eat.

2 Choose the perfect health drink

Health drinks nourish the body with too much of vitamins and proteins.  Some of them reinforce children to gain height and weight. Proteins and calcium boost height growth and it’s better to take supplements for this. If your child refuses to drink milk alone, then feeding a cup of health drink in the flavor they like is alright. But some of the drinks make the stomach too full to eat something else. Choosing the right health drink also plays an important role in the healthy growing of a child. Also don't forget to make your child drink a lot of water.

3 Make foods rich in fibers

Fibrous foods help in the regular bowel movements. This is very essential for proper food intake of a child. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fibers and should be included in foods with adequate amounts. Leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce are often considered for making fibrous foods. They supply a traditional flavor when steamed and children would love to eat them. Fruits also can help this, but would upset stomach sometimes.

4 Don’t be generous in giving fatty foods

Modern fatty foods are sweet and colorful. Kids get attracted towards them and ask for more and more. Unless you put control in eating them, children may become obese and would stop eating other nourishing foods.  Occasional intake of fatty foods won’t cause much harm. For example, ice-cream and yoghurt with milk cream are often fed during summer season. In this season body sweats more and excess fat gets released.  Lavish use of fat results in chronic diseases, with decreased chances of recovery.  Checking or controlling in the beginning is the only way to escape this.

5 Make natural remedies to prevent illness

Natural remedies are very helpful in raising a child in today’s world. A spoon of honey fed with some lemon juice and ginger juice daily can help prevent cold. A pinch of turmeric powder put in the recipes would remove the toxins from the body.  A cup of peppermint tea can relieve stomach pain. Some of these remedies are helpful to stop developing illness often. As prolonged use of pain-killers and antibiotics cause side-effects, these home remedies can save your child and can give a happy and healthy life.