The pyramid and entrance at the Louvre Museum

As you may or may not know, Paris is comprised of twenty distinct districts, all of which offer an incredible array of sites, attractions, shops, restaurants, and cafes that certainly aim to please. Throughout this multi-part series on Paris, I will be focusing on each on the twenty districts throughout the city and offering up suggestions for attractions worthy of a visit. To begin with, let´s start with the first arrondissement, that of the Louvre les Halles.
The Louvre les Halles district is situated in the center of Paris and along the Seine River, which cuts directly through the capital city. This arrondissement offers up an incredible amount of sights that you surely need to check out, including those listed below.

1. Le Louvre: Certainly the most famous site within the first district of Paris, the Louvre features amazing architecture, most notably a giant glass pyramid from I M Pei, a large amount of open space, plus the one of the world´s most famous and most visited museums.
2. Jardin des Tuileries: Situated directly to the west of the Louvre Museum, these gardens offer a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, especially during the summer months. In addition to the gardens, you will find a selection of cafés, as well as stands to purchase ice cream and crêpes. Also, two more museums can be found here, including the Musée de la Orangerie and the Jeu de Paume.
3. Le Palais Royal: The royal palace is a must visit for any visitor to this capital city. Included within the famous royal palace, you will find yet another enchanting garden, Les jardins du Palais Royal, which offers not only an exceptional environment, but also a variety of restaurants, such as Le Grand Véfour.
4. Sainte Chapelle: Probably overlooked by many visitors to Paris because of the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle is a spectacular cathedral that allows for some excellent photographing. The Sainte Chapelle is quite aesthetically pleasing to say the least; much more in fact than the Notre Dame. However, it is advisable to visit on a sunny day, if at all possible, as one of the highlights is the exquisite stained-glass windows, which can only be fully appreciated with a bit of sunlight.

In addition, within this first district of Paris you can find an extensive array of posh restaurants, as this is an area emanating with elegance and class. If you would like to obtain different information about this first arrondissement of Paris, which I have not included in this article, two highly recommend sources for you to check out include WikiTravel and ParisTravelMap. Next time, I will be taking a look at the second arrondissement of Paris, so stayed tuned for further updates!