With its historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and elegant atmosphere, the City of Light is the ideal place to spend an evening, a weekend, or even a lifetime with your lover. Whether you've known one another for years, met by chance, or were matched up by a site de rencontre, you and the one you love owe it to each other to experience the magical ambiance and breathtaking sights of the most romantic city in the world together.

A walk through the Parisian streets can be a heady, enchanting adventure for young hearts in love. Strolling hand-in-hand down the Avenue des Champs-Elysees on a cool, summer evening, lovers can marvel at the glorious architecture of the historic Arc de Triomphe, a monument to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their loved ones on the field of battle. Beneath the Arc burns an eternal flame, a tribute to those lost whose names remain unknown. The fire is a fitting symbol of the undying passion of Frenchmen for their native land.

LuxembourgBeyond this majestic monument lie the shops and restaurants of the Place de la Concorde. The light spilling from these stores and cafes bathes passersby in soft yellows and oranges, setting the mood for the spectacle of the Grand Palais and Petit Palais ahead. The Classical stone facades and Art Nouveau ironwork of these stunning structures can transport lovers back to days long past, when passionate artists and architects built the city's landmarks as intricate monuments to the innermost desires of the heart. The Grand Palais houses a wide variety of salons and exhibits, while the more intimate - though still expansive - Petit Palais is home to some of the most beautiful works of art in the world.

From the center of the Place de la Concorde, couples can turn and take in the splendor of the Eiffel Tower. Can there be a more romantic backdrop for a first kiss or a proposal on one knee than this iron lattice masterpiece, rising hundreds of feet into the starlit Paris sky? The mere sight of this magnificent structure bathed in shimmering moonlight will send even the most jaded heart racing. Imagine the feeling of viewing it with someone you love deeply, holding one another close as together your eyes trace its sloping beams to the heavens.

Resuming the tour, lovers can next immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Les Tuileries. Green grass, resplendent flowers, gorgeous statuary, flowing fountains, and the sparkling waters of the Seine River make this the perfect spot for a warm embrace under the stars. Visiting couples shouldn't be surprised if they discover that they aren't the only lovers to select these placid gardens for an intimate moment together, though; Les Tuileries is known around the world for its romantic mise-en-scène.

If you and your lover met through a site de rencontre, you likely have similar interests. If one of those interests is art, you cannot visit Paris without stopping at the world famous Louvre, or the prestigious MuseeD'orsay. The extensive collections housed within these beautiful museums represent the zenith of mankind's artistic achievement, and include some of the loveliest paintings and sculptures ever created. One look into the penetrating eyes of Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa, one glance at the swirling stars of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, and you and your lover will know that this night was made for romance.

As brilliant as the many sights of the city are on foot, they are even more magical when viewed from a boat. Catching a ferry on the banks of the Seine, you and your companion can drift slowly down this winding waterway, nestling close to one another and enjoying the wondrous view on either side of the cozy vessel. You'll see the Cathedral at Notre Dame, the setting of Victor Hugo's tragic, timeless tale of unrequited love. Together, you'll be treated to an even more awe-inspiring view of the Eiffel Tower, in all its proud glory. You'll pass under picturesque stone bridges like the Pont Royal, the Pont Louis-Phillipe, and the Pont Neuf, the momentary darkness the perfect cover for a warm embrace or tender kiss.

Of course, by this point in any couples' interlude in Paris, the stunning scenery of the city will have taken a back seat to the intimacy of romance, and the allure of each other. Lovers alight on the gentle waters of the Seine can scarcely help but be swept away by the amorous milieu of the City of Light. Even as you drift past the elegant museums and grandiose palaces which draw sightseers from every corner of the globe to this remarkable metropolis, you'll be so lost in each other that you'll have lost interest in the opulence all around you.

There is more to see, to be sure. The Luxembourg Garden, the PalaisGarnier, and the Latin Quarter all beckon. The Parc des Buttes Chaumont, the Saint-Chapelle, and the L'église de la Madeleine all offer rich beauty and history to be savored. Chantilly, Versailles, Fountainebleu, and even the Disneyland Resort Paris afford those venturing outside the heart of the city much to see and do.

But once the spirit of love which permeates every corner and cobblestone of Paris gets into your hearts, you and the one you desire will think of these dazzling places only as ornate backdrops against which the poignant, passionate tale of your love for one another is playing out. For heartwarming honeymoons, amorous anniversaries, or fantastic first dates arranged through a trusted site de rencontre, Paris is the ultimate destination for lovers.