Since the advent of Eurostar, Paris to London flights has faced stiff competition from Eurostar for customers wishing to travel from Paris to London.

In the early nineties when the Channel Tunnel was completed they said it would be the end of Paris to London flights, but on the contrary, flights between these two great cities are still as frequent as ever. Although not as frequent as New York to London flights, the arrival of budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair has made short haul air travel much cheaper than before and definitely more cheaply than going by Eurostar.

These budget airlines will use different airports to the main carriers. Instead of flying to London Heathrow or London Gatwick they will instead fly to smaller airports such as London Stanstead and London Luton which are less expensive for the to use. These airlines do not however offer any amenities and just offer basic travel for their customers, but if that does not bother you then the costs can be amazingly cheap.

If you are willing to book in advance you may just end up paying for the airport tax and not the flight at all. Flying from Paris on these budget airlines, you my also have to travel from less popular airports than the main Charles de Gaulle Airport. Paris also utilises Orly Airport and Beauvais Airport. If you do fly from Beauvais Airport however, you do have to bear in mind that it is the least convenient airport of all the Paris airports and requires a shuttle bus service which takes an hour from the city centre so if you use Paris Beauvais you will have to take this into account.

However, if you do not mind being less frugal, you can still get regular flights to all the London airports such as London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London City Airport, London Stanstead and London Luton from Paris Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly. The main carriers still operate regular Paris to London flights from those airports on a daily basis; these include such airlines as Air France and British Airways.

However both Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly Airport are thirty minutes away from Paris city centre which you need to bear in mind in order to make your flight on time. So if you want to look at other options other than Eurostar, then Paris to London flights still offer a variety of options to the traveller.