Parked Domains

       There are many ways to earn money online. Some people write articles,some people complete surveys, and some people make and maintain websites. It is my firm belief that the absolute best way to make money online is by owning a website. Think about it, when you write an article on a site like Hubpages, Hubpages makes money off of you, when you complete a survey, the survey company makes money off of you. Ect. As you can see all of the sites people work for online or on make money off of you.  what if you could own a website, and make money. It is not as hard as it may seem. There are two magic words in the world of websites. Those two words are called "Parked domains" Parked domains are sites that just sit online. They make money from advertisements. The concept behind parked domains is very simple.

    First someone gets a parked domain. Then traffic starts coming in and the person has ads on the domain. People click or view the ads and the person makes money. The concept is simple and can yield a high return.  The great thing about parked domains is that not a lot of work has to be done. All the owner of the domain has to do is put ads on the site and get traffic. If you have a great domain like traffic could be very easy to get.

     How To Set Up Your Parked Domain

There are many ways to set up your parked domain. Some people use a service like whypark, some people do it all by themselves. Since company's like domain apps take a cut out of your profits, it is helpful to know how to make a one without them. I am going to show you 2 ways to start a parked domain. One of the ways is by setting up a parked domain for free, the second way is by spending money on a real domain and setting up your parked doman.

Free Parked Domain: There are ways to set up a free and succesful parked domain. By getting a blogger or WordPress blog you can make a parked domain and get traffic to it.  This is done all the time and can be done successfully. Here is how you do it with blogger.

   You have to start by picking a topic. Any topic will do. Go for niche topics like orchids,exotic pets or Making videos. With a niche topic in mind pick a domain. Domains are pretty hard to get. Most of the good ones are take, but if you play around a bit, you will find one that works great. Getting a good domain name is Very Important. If you have to spend 20 minutes getting a good domain name on blogger then do it, it is well worth the effort.  Once you have your domain name start coming up with posts. You can either write the posts yourself,pay someone to write the posts for you or get the posts from an article directory site like  I do a mixture of writing posts and getting them from an article directory on my parked domains.  Remember to make sure you are allowed to take content from the article directory, or else it will be called stealing.

     An important part of your blogger parked domain is content. Write anywhere from 5-30 articles to start off with. Then write or get more articles and set a timer so they get posted ever 2-5 weeks. This way when google crawls your site they will see that you consistently have new content.  Once all the posts are set up work on your blog design. Add things like youtube bars,amazon affiliate bars,post counts ,recent comments stuff like that.   Once you have that done start adding ads. I would limit the number of ads you put on the blog. Don't stuff your blog with ads. A banner ad and a few sidebar ads are not bad to have. I put an ad between ever 2-3 posts too. Contextual advertising is also good. Having Kontera ads on your blog can help you earn revenue. I would recommend putting popup ads on your blog because that is a great way to earn some revenue. Too many popups are bad. Put between 1-3 popup ads and separate them by time. So do something like 1 popup every 2 minutes the  visiter is on the site. If you do this you shouldn't have a problem with too many people leaving your parked domain. You can do this with both blogger and WordPress for free.

Paid Parked Domain: Making a paid parked domain can also be profitable. When making a paid parked domain, you will first need a domain name. Most of the desirable domain names, are already taken, but if you do a little searching you can find a great one for a low price.  When picking a domain name, pick a name that people will remember and type in. You might not be able to get the name but you might be able to snag This would be a great domain because when people spell google wrong, and come to your site, you can make money.

   Once you have made a domain name, you need to find a hosting service. There are a few free hosting services that run on donations. I would recommend choosing these ones. They host your site and do not charge you money, and they do not put ads on your site. These hosting services offer the best deal for parked domain owners, but you must be aware of the restrictions in place, because some hosting sites won't allow you to get over a certain amount of traffic to the site.

After you get the site hosted, you simple put ads on it, and let it sit. Hopefully your domain name, will get your site on search engine rankings were people will then visit them and potentially click on your ads. The most important thing about paid domains, is the domain. If you do not have a good domain name, you will not make mony. You can always use a website to manage your parked domains, but in my opinion it doesn't make sense to lose revenue, just so that you can manage your domains better.

Making a parked domain is a great idea. It is easy and potentially very profitable. It is never to late to start a parked domain and you can make one for free. Using this article, you can make hundreds even thousands of parked domains and can make thousands of dollars doing so.