Classic Parker Safety Razors

The Parker is timeless! The razor is all metal, a constructed genuine brass frame with nickel/chrome plating. This razor offers an unbelievably placid shave when linked with the Shark, Feather or Merkur blades. The Parker weighs about 3.0 ounces and is perfect for both new and expert wet shavers. This razor rivals any on the market for closeness and comfort, than even more pricey Safety Razors. The head on this razor has been designed to angle the blade for a smooth and comfortably shave. Don't let the beautiful looks of this razor fool you. It is designed for shaving and it will decidedly reward you with a barbershop shave with every stroke!

Good craftsmanship, a very solid razor that no doubt will last many, many years. The device to unfasten mechanism which makes blade changing fast and secure. The Parker Safety Razor is built the same as those razors years ago, with a nice weight to it and effortless butterfly action. If you are looking to convert to the "old school" style of wet shaving this is an excellent safety razor to use, especially when used in addition to a quality shave soap. This is a dandy razor. Superior caliber, fit and coating, comfortable to interchange blades works well and NEVER clogs, which was constantly a problem with the new multi blades. This is an first-class quality product that ought to endure the rest of your life, its a pleasure to shave with and yields a first-class shave, superior to any multi blade, and with with a reduction of skin irritation.

The door alignment, razor blade alignment, blade exposure and blade angle are top notch with this model. You'll be enjoyably aghast with the fundamental improvements. The razor has a lovely design, is rather heavy and the shave is tremendously close. You will like it's butterfly design, only turn the handle and expend in the new blade. It is a good, durable feeling razor and it looks extremely sharp. The black chrome finish is very nice and strong, a real keeper!

This razor is rather durable and has decent weight dispersion, something you want in a safety razor for you utilize the weight of the razor resting on your skin to move the blade around as opposed to pressing down as virtually contemporary shavers are used to doing. Secondly, Parker has pushed up the weight of the handle. It is now heavier than the 22R of a few years ago as well. Frankly, I'm not sure why Parker isn't advertising all these changes they made. They've got to be proud. Today's Parker is not quite the same razor as the Parker of years past -- it is so much more improved. Additionally, the butterfly opening blade holder makes changing blades a piece of cake.

If you're not 100% confident that going "old school" is for you, then the absurd cost of cartridge refill prices and horrible burns ought to win you over. Bottom line is that this is a quality product at a competitive price. Why have so many abandoned traditional shaving in favor of the low quality and mega expensive multi blade cartridges? Nothing matches the shave with this razor than, a nice shaving soap, a badger brush, and a decent aftershave. You don't know what you are missing! While you may not consider yourself as cheap, why spend an arm and a leg, forty or fifty bucks for a bunch of blades. Just as replacing the foils and screens on an electric shaver are important, so are making your blades on a straight razor last too. These blades are numbered on each side, one through four so that they might be turned over for extra uses. Each blade might go on about 7-8 shaves even on difficult beards and without looking just like you have some 5 o'clock shadow until way past after 5pm! 

Finally, the Parker is well made. It rivals the previous Gillette razors of the 1950's, particularly for Parker re-designed the head in the spring of 09. If you are looking to make the switch this razor, a brush, and a mug full of old time shaving soap to get you started is highly recommended. You'll never return back to your old ways again.

The Parker Double Edge Butterfly Safety razor works perfectly for a beginner. You'll have a complete shave from the first. If your looking to get a great shave at the right price, this is the way. 

Parkers are Timeless