Car parking at London's airports is always going to be an expensive thing to do. Fortunately airport parking at Luton Airport is generally cheaper than the other airports. In this article we'll take a look at the costs involved and if there are any tips for reducing costs.

Parking - Luton Airport

Like most airports, Luton Airport has a wide range of parking charges, but fortunately Luton is the cheapest London airport. Here's a few examples of prices for January staying seven days.

  • £27 - Car kept in secure car parks and includes a shuttle bus service taking between 5 and 15 minutes to the terminal.
  • £32 - Similar to the above providing a park and ride to the terminal building.
  • £80 - Valet service, closest to the terminal building within walking distance.

As you can see from the above examples, generally the further away from the terminal building, the cheaper the prices. Cheap car parking at Luton Airport is possible by booking ahead as much as possible, and should be booked at the same time as your holiday package, flights and hotels. Sometimes savings up to 50% are possible by doing this, but most firms do tend to charge more at the height of the season.

Hotel parking at Luton Airport

If you have a long journey to the airport, or prefer to face check-in feeling livelier, many hotels provide reduced parking rates on their property so long as you spend a night with them. It is well worth checking out a few hotels online to see if savings can be made this way.

Local taxi firms

Many private taxi companies advertise online offering great deals for airport runs. Depending on how far you are from the airport, this can sometimes be cheaper but certainly more convenient. Most allow you to make a return booking by giving them your flight number, and wait for you outside the luggage reclaim hall to take you back home.

Local residents parking
Sometimes local residents make extra money by renting out their drive ways to holidaymakers. This is normally the cheapest option of all, but obviously may carry the most risk. It's worth looking on the internet so see if any deals can be had this way.

Check your insurance

With all these options, do check your insurance and that your car is secure whilst you are away. You don't need to be worrying about the security of your car while lying on a beach 5000 miles away!

The golden rule with all airport parking is research on the internet, it could save you a fortune by a few minutes browsing.

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