Vehicle collisions can happen at any time and place. Even if a driver thinks that he is away from danger, he cannot be sure that he is completely out of harm's way. Let us take for example the parking lot. For many drivers, the parking lot is probably the last place where an accident can happen. However, statistics say that vehicle accidents also happen in these places.

If ever you got involved in a parking lot accident during your trip to the mall or department store, here are some things you should do:

  • Move the vehicles to a safer place.
  • Take pictures of your vehicles.
  • Exchange personal and insurance information with the other driver.
  • Get medical help if someone was injured.

Compared to accidents on freeways and intersections, parking lot accidents are often less dangerous. However, there will definitely be damages that the responsible party should compensate. The question is how to prove a party's fault? Here are some factors you may consider:

  • The other driver's vehicle was parked too close to your vehicle. If the other motorist's car was too close to your vehicle, he might be held liable for damages.
  • The parking lot is dangerous for vehicles. Even establishment and property owners have the responsibility to keep their parking lots safe. Adequate space, lighting, and security should be used to prevent accidents.
  • The driver did not use light signals. If the other driver did not use signals when turning or backing, he can be sued for your damages.
  • The person was driving fast even in the parking lot. Parking lots often have humps and warning signals to remind people to drive slowly. If someone violates them and he gets involved in an accident, he should be responsible for the damages.

These are some of the things you should think about if you want to make the responsible party pay for your losses. However, there are certain cases where no one would become at fault in the accident. Also called no-fault accident, this kind of car collision happens when the driver who had the right away was the one who became negligent.

Parking lot accidents happen because people often become less careful when driving in such places. If you want to avoid any kind of vehicle collision, you should practice responsible and defensive driving everywhere. For more details on car accident liability, you can consult a Los Angeles car accident attorney.