Polly wanna know where to get parrot cages for sale? Of course your pet bird would love a brand new large corner enclosure, even if you do buy it used or cheap. There are many different kinds available, but you might have a hard time finding a good selection in most stores around your area. Shopping online is definitely a much more efficient method to find parrot cages for sale, and you can choose between a number of stores. In this article we'll go over cheap, used, corner-style, and large enclosures for your squawker.

Cheap Parrot Cages for Sale

You would be hard-pressed to find something under $100; in fact, most sell for around $300. However, the Prevue Hendrix #220 is only about $72 from CheapPetProducts.net. These cheap parrot cages are very appealing with elegant black scrollwork tiel design. The dimensions are 20" by 20" by 24" which makes it a fairly decent size for the price you pay. They have 2 perches and 2 doors for the food dishes, making it easier for you to get them out to clean or refill them.

Another cheap enclosure, while not as cheap as the previous one, is the Prevue F040 Flight Enclosure for birds. Priced at about $127 from Overstock.com, these cheap parrot cages for sale are very spacious with 31" by 20" by 53" dimensions. They come with 2 large front opening doors and a shelf for extra storage space for food and cleaning supplies. The caster wheels make them easy to maneuver and the 3 solid wood perches will please your pet nicely. For all the great features you get, these are pretty cheap.

Used Parrot Cages for Sale

Whenever you buy something that's been used, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll want to make sure you are getting a good deal. If you want to buy used parrot cages for sale on sites like eBay.com or craigslist.org, make sure you pay attention to the product details and customer feedback. After you get your used enclosure, follow these simple steps:

Clean it up. Good cleaning supplies should be used to give it a good scrubbing down before putting it to use. You can't trust that the previous owner did it well, nor can you trust that the previous bird that lived in there was healthy.

Inspect for damage. Used parrot cages need to be checked for breaks in the wire or faulty latches. These birds have very strong jaws and you don't want them jarring a gate loose or chewing through some weak wire. A soldering iron can be used to fix most issues with broken or damaged wire.

Corner Parrot Cages for Sale

Corner-style enclosures are probably the nicest-looking kinds you can get. They make any room look amazing as they fit snuggly in just about any 90 degree corner. I know it seems like I'm plugging this company (I swear I'm not), but one of the best corner parrot cages for sale out there is the Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron corner enclosure. This model is extremely spacious with dimensions of 45" by 30" by 69", and come in a sleek black metal design. PETCO.com has them on sale for $360, plus tax and with free shipping. Here are some other popular corner parrot cages to look for:

  • AECageCo's Extra Large Bird Corner Enclosure
  • Prevue Pet Products Signature Corner Enclosure
  • PetSolutions Small Corner Enclosure
  • Avientelligence Blue Corner Enclosure

Large Parrot Cages for Sale

If you have a big bird, then you need a big enclosure. Even if you have a smaller species, it would still be nice to give it a nice large environment to live in. There are quite a few large parrot cages, and all of them have unique features. Check out this list of large models to choose from:

  • Sky Enterprise USA's Large Open Playtop 39" x 26" x 56"
  • Prevue Hendryx Signature Select Series (Extra Large) 36" x 24" x 66"
  • Pewter Select Wrought Iron Enclosure 24" x 20" x 60"
  • Japanese Fan Large Playtop 40" x 24" x 70"

Now that you have more information about parrot cages for sale, which models to choose from, how to care for used ones, and where to buy them for cheap, go ahead and put the knowledge to use and find the best that money can buy!