Parsley diet stimulates the production of the Liver Enzyme GST(glutathione-S-transferase).The most important features of this enzyme is converting the harmful chemical substances which body inhalates to the neutral ones.Parsley diet detoxifies the liver and keeps running healthily.

One of the most important features of the liver cells (hepatocytes) is they are multifunctional and much more active.Parsley detoxifies these cells and liver itself and rejuvenates the whole body system.Parsley diet is actually an excellent method which stimulates the intracell renovation.With the aid of this diet you will feel yourself more energetic,younger and healthier.

If used alone, you can not get all the benefits from the parsley diet effectively.For this reason it is necessary to use  some extra additives such as lemon juice,cress and spinach.And also it is very important the amount of the lemon juice,cress or spinach. Wrong quantities will lower the success rate of the diet.Some active ingredients of parsley has the property of  inactivation of Hepatitis-B virus and stimulation of the immune system.However no any other plant can replace Levander against hepatitis-C.

Special attention should be paid during the first 3 months of pregnancy when using parsley.If any risk of abortion exis ts it is ideal not to use parsley due to it's abortion stimulative properties.The reason for this is the chemicals 'Apiol' and 'Beta Bisabolene' which are abortifacient and what's more Apiol dilates the bloodvessels.

If you have fungus and are using drugs, keep consuming parsley.Because there are at least 8 different substances such as oxypeucedanine,p-cymene and psoralene  which are biologically active and fungus fighting.

If you have low blood pressure consume parsley carefully.Parsley may drop blood pressure levels.Eventhough Apiol in parsley which has volatile properties,it has strong inhibitor property of calcium absorbtion.For this reason persons who have  'Osteoporosis' and 'Calcium Deficiency' must be attentive.

Parsley Diet I For Skin Care and Body Detox:

Put 15-20 pcs parsley with stems in a blender.Add 2 tablespoon lemon juice and half a glass of water and chop together.Drink 10 to 15 minutes before  breakfast.Repeat following 14 days.Pause 1 week.After one week repeat 15 days more and finish.Review your condition for 5-6 months.Repeat if you want.

Parsley Diet II For Fatty Liver: (Hepatosteatosis)

Apply the same diet just for 15 days with levander tea.