Having a job while you are young is an experience that can really teach you hard work and responsibility. Being sixteen is a growing year, and having a part time job for 16 year olds is an important growing step. You want to have money for that car or to pick up that girl with, so you need a job! So do you need money? Do you want more than minimum wage? Are you at or about sixteen and need a part time job for 16 year olds? Read on.

I understand that at this age a lot of people don't want a job that is lame or not cool, but the cool part will be when you have the money to do what you want without asking your parents, trust me. You need a part time job for 16 year olds, and you need it now.

Waiter or Waitress

For the simplicity of gender, I will say waitress, sorry men! This job will usually only pay around minimum wage, but it gets so much better with tips. People easily earn over 100 dollars a day just serving people. This can be a stressful job because of all the different types of people you might have to put up with, but it is worth it. The money on a good day could be how much your friends make in a couple of week, so imagine that kind of cash! This is a popular part job for 16 year olds, so don't be afraid to go and ask for any openings.


Yes, the sexy librarian! Let your hair down and have some fun! No, but really. This is an easier job that is less stressful and pays usually over minimum wage. This part time job for 16 year olds is a great stress reliever, and you get to be around books all day, if you are into that kind of thing. You really get to know some interesting people and make good money while doing it, so don't be afraid have a part time job for a 16 year old at a library is stupid because it isn't.

Summer or Winter Camps

Do you remember going to camp or maybe you still do? Camps can be so much fun, and even more so for the teachers and counselors there. They got to go to the parties and have all the fun, while you slept in your stupid tent or cabin. They made money while having fun all day and doing what you did except you had to way! This is a perfect part time job for 16 year olds if you love being around and helping younger people, plus you get away from your parents.

Grocery Store

Finding a part time job for 16 year olds can be difficult, so why not try the local grocery store? If that doesn't work, try a place like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. These are all great places to work because you make decent money, get a lot of hours, and you are not under that much stress. It is pretty easy to get accepted too, so this is a nice part time job for 16 year olds to consider if you are in the hunt.

Movie Theater or Bowling Alley

It seemed like growing up, this is where all the pretty cool people worked in my town. These places are always fun to work because you see the most interesting things, maybe get to watch free movies, and are there for entertainment. These are great part time job for 16 year olds, and don't forget that need many employees to run these places.

I beg of you with this economy like it is to go find a job and sustain yourself. If not that, do it so you don't always have to pester your mom or dad because no one likes to do that. Part time jobs for 16 year olds are not that hard to find, so good luck and go look!

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