Several years ago, I worked at a fast food restaurant, Hardees. I learned a great deal from this position, and it's just one of the great part time jobs for teens out there. There are many other employers willing to offer you a position. How do you land these positions? Where do you find them? Do you have to be 16 or 17 years old to get them? All are very good questions that deserve to be addressed. If you're looking for work, you should know the how and where of getting part time jobs for teens, no matter how many years old you are.

Where to look – Common places:

There are so many places to look for part time jobs for teens, even with the current economic state, that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Those searching for work shouldn't be discouraged, even with unemployment reaching all time high levels, there are still some great places that offer part time jobs for teens. Let's look at a few of the standard workplaces.

1. Fast food restaurants. Many cringe at the idea of flipping burgers, but they shouldn't. This is one of the most common part time jobs for teens out there. While not glamorous, you will learn a good work ethic, and possibly, be able to learn some management skills. These were the part time jobs for teens for many years. In fact, many of the top ranking executives in the fast food industry started out working few hours while in high school. You may need to be 15 or 16 years old to work at these places, depending on your state. Maybe you should apply at BK online.

2. Retail shops. In this country, the old factory positions have been replaced with service positions over the years. Today, there are more people working in the retail industry than you can possibly imagine. Large chain stores, small mom and pop shops, gas stations, you name it, they are likely hiring. These are some of the best part time jobs for teens. Best of all, working at larger retail chains will provide you with an opportunity for advancement for years to come, which could mean more money in the future, which won't get old.. Part time jobs for teens can be found in your neighborhood. You can fill out Wal Mart applications online.

3. Paper routes, yard work and snow shoveling could also be considered great part time jobs for teens. You can actually be your own boss when you choose this type of work. Generally speaking, you'll be able to have more flexible scheduling as well, allowing you to make plans that don't need to be broken. Part time jobs for teens like these can actually be turned into legitimate money making businesses. One of my friends from school runs a very successful lawn service business to this day, 15 plus years after graduation. Part time jobs for teens can actually turn into careers. Many paper routes only require you to be 12 or 13 years old to work.

Where to look – Thinking outside the box:

There are some other places to find part time jobs for teens that aren't nearly as common as the ones listed above. Here are just a few things to consider.

1. Online blogging. You may be able to make enough passive income money to support yourself with online blogging. Many people do, making them great part time jobs for teens. There are tons of sites out there, so keep your eyes open. Part time jobs for teens can actually be done from the home. Keep in mind that some websites that you choose to blog for will have age restrictions, typically 18 years old plus. Be sure to look into this before you submit your articles or blogs.

2. Online businesses. These are legitimate part time jobs for teens, and in some cases, can lead to long term, successful ventures. Try buying and selling items on eBay, or another similar site to make a profit. If you can buy it, you can most likely sell it. These types position, no matter how many years old you are, will allow you to be your own boss.

3. Using your talent. Are you exceptional in a specific school subject? You may be able to monetize you knowledge. You could try a tutoring service, one of the best part time jobs for teens out there. There's really no limit to this, if you have a skill, you can likely make some money with it.

Increasing your chances:

The work market is tough, but there are still plenty of part time jobs for teens out there. With the increased competition, comes a new level of needs to get hired. I'm not talking about college or many years of schooling, or anything of the sort. I'm talking about setting yourself apart from other applicants in a few easy ways. This way, you're not just the same old person as the others, you are different.

1. Include a resume with your TYPED application. Part time jobs for teens are easier to get when you present yourself in a professional manner. Type your application, whenever possible, it just looks more professional. You are more likely to land one of these part time jobs for teens with a great resume. Even the fast food positions are easier to come by when you include a professional looking resume. Part time jobs for teens still require a certain level of professionalism. Even young applicants, 13 to 17 years old can increase the odds this way.

2. Dress up for the interview. Not only should you were nice clothes, you should also remove excessive piercings, and cover up tattoos. I know you have freedom of expression, but that doesn't mean the person conducting the interview will view it the same way. Positions are easier to land when you dress up, slacks and a polo, at the minimum, and look professional. In many cases, the person conducting the interview will be many years older than you. Right or wrong, they may not share the same choices as you. Put your effort into a professional appearance, and it will pay off.

3. Study. Make sure you know a little something about the company you're applying for. What are they looking for? Who do they normally hire? Not only should you learn a little about the company, you should figure out what you bring to the table. Come up with reasons that you would be a good fit for the part time jobs for teens available, and make your case during the interview. Preparing for a job interview is key.

While there are several part time jobs for teens out there, they are getting a little harder to find. If you keep your eyes open, you can find a great position. If you take the time to make yourself appear to be the best candidate, you will have better success. Part time jobs for teens are out there. Go get hired today!