Finding a part-time job for young teenagers in today's job market is tough. Teenagers are competing for part-time jobs alongside adults who have a lot more experience, as well as a family to support. Younger teens may not have transportation available for part-time jobs, while most adults do.

So what is a young teenager in search of a part-time job to do? Create your own job! Here is a list of part-time jobs for young teenagers that can get them the cash they need while still being able to study and have a life.

Dog Walking

With today's busy families, many do not have time to properly take care of their pet. Dogs require companionship and have the need to take a walk and exercise. If you are a teenager who has neighbors who work long hours and have a dog or two, create your own part-time job and offer a dog walking service. Set your price and if you do a good job, the word will soon spread. My friend's daughter started doing this when she was nine, and at thirteen she has a thriving part-time job that earns her cash each week.

Pet Sitting

Another great part time job for teens is pet sitting. Kennels cost a fortune-ask any dog owner. If you have the space, and parents who are willing, you can take care of your neighbor's pooch. Try it first with a small dog for an overnight and see how you like it. Tie this in with a dog walking business and soon you will be raking in the dough!

Mother's Helper

A mother's helper is a different kind of part-time job than a babysitter. Stay-at-home moms, especially those under the age of six, are pretty much worn out by four o'clock. The kids are cranky and mom is ready to tear her hair out and dinner still has to be made.

Here is where you come in. Offer your services between the time of 4:00-6:00 at a reduced babysitting rate. Since a parent is home, you are not really babysitting, but playing with the kids. Mom is there in case there is an actual emergency. By creating this part-time job, a younger teen can still earn some cash and be home in time for dinner and homework. Don't fret about not getting as much money as you would on a Saturday night-you are still earning an income. As you get older, the parents may hire you for a Saturday night because their kids love you and they trust you. Just be sure to tell them about your different nightly rates.

House Cleaning

If you are free after school and weekends, then your young teenager might consider cleaning houses as a part time job. While I would not let my own child into the house of a stranger, you can put flyers about your services in the mailboxes of your neighbors. You can charge by the room, by the hour, or provide a menu full of services.

Lawn Care

A classic part-time job for young teenagers is mowing the lawn. Have your teen learn the ropes on your own lawn and show the neighbors that your child is ready to branch out. Advertise your services on neighborhood flyers. Be reliable and be willing to offer additional services such as weeding and mulching.

Computer Tech

It's no secret that today's young teenagers are tech savvy, much more than their parents. If your young teenager is able to troubleshoot on your home computer, then she may be able to help others who are having a problem. Create a fair hourly rate and a diagnostic fee and let the neighbors know that you are there to help.

With so many opportunities for part time jobs for young teenagers, they can learn how to operate a business and earn her own cash at a young age.