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With the 2010 party season about to come to a close there is time for one more great party. Whether it is to end the year or celebrate a football division win, you want to include the kids in the festivities. Preparing party foods and drinks that your kids will love is a sure way to help them enjoy the event. With planning and preparation it is not difficult to make party foods and drinks your kids will love. Since there is a little child in all of us waiting to get out you, will find the adults will enjoy these party food suggestions as much as the children.
Drink Options

Kids enjoy the sight of exotic displays just as much as adults. Prepare a bowl of punch and float an ice mold decorated with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries into the punch. Ice molds are easy to create and make any occasion festive. Add ginger ale or a sparking white grape juice to the mix and you will have to shoo the kids away from the punch area.
If it is a smaller gathering you are planning, then opt for creating Shirley Temples made with a lemon lime soda and cherry juice or a kid's Mamosa made from lemon lime soda and orange juice. This is a party drink the kids will love especially when decorated with a cherry or orange slice to make the drinks festive for the occasion.
What to Serve

For children, and you, to enjoy a party prepare food with lots of tooth picks. Party food with toothpicks provide kids the confidence to serve themselves while creating little or no mess. Party foods your kids will love can include miniature meat balls or pigs in a blanket for dipping, twice baked barbecue chicken wings to reduce messy fingers and a fruit veggie tray composed of baby carrots, loose grapes, broccoli, strawberries, and cauliflower. Party food items just the right size for small fingers to handle and your kids will love.

Desserts should also consist of finger size treats. Mini cupcakes, brownies, cookie bars, and fruit slices are all party foods kids will love and sincerely thank you for.
Whether you decide to make the foods yourself or buy the items prepared in advance you should not have a problem finding party foods and drinks your kids will love.