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If you're hosting a dinner party or planning an event for an adult's birthday. Don't dismiss games as a possible activity for those attending the party. Adult party games are a great way to get to know someone in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. And it provides a context in which to interact with someone. If you've invited guests who don't particularly know one another, they might not have much to talk about. But if you have a fun game you've planned before hand, then they'd be more open to conversation. You don't want a dry and boring party, so adding a few games to the mix will certainly make it a unique event.


Everyone probably already knows about the game 20 questions. But how about adding a little twist to the classic by asking questions related to a career. This would work best if you invited total strangers. As the classic game goes, the person who's career everyone wants to guest should only respond in "Yes" or "No" answers (some versions of the game allow for a "Maybe", but that'd be too hard for this version). Of course, if everyone is well aquainted with each other, you could pick another topic to ask questions on, but it'd still make a decent party game.

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Card Games

Playing card games are a great way to have fun at a party. If you have seasoned players then poker or blackjack would be obvious game choices. But if players aren't that seasoned, then you'd play "Go Fish" or "Spoons". This would make for a great 60th birthday party game. Though Spoons is a little fast-paced, it can still be fun if everyone's around the same age. There's a whole gamut of other card games out there that can be played, so whichever one the majority chooses will be the one played. Or, you could play a game to decide which game would be played. Whoever wins the first game that the host chooses gets to decide what the next one will be.

Guessing Games

Guessing games can be fun for those who always think they're right. If you have wine connoisseurs, then a guessing game with wine will certainly cause your party to be spirited. The host can bring out a selection of wine to the guests, and whoever gives the correct answer on which brand it is, they'd be the winner of that round. And if people come up with the same answer, the more details they offer the higher the points they receive. If they know what part of the world the brand makes wine, then they'd win over the person who just answered which brand it was. This would make for a unique 40th birthday party. Depending on how long this game lasts will determine on how lively it'll get. It might be wise to mimic wine-tasters and spit it back out, but then where's the fun in that?

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Name That Movie

If you have any actors in the midst, playing a game dealing with movies would surely bring a bit more drama to your party. A person thinks of a movie and only discloses one fact about it to the rest of the group. They continue revealing one fact until someone figures out the movie title in question. You can also do this with celebrities or musicians. Simply revealing facts about that said celebrity before someone figures it out.

Games for Any Occasion

Adult party games can turn a dull party into a lively one if everyone gets into it and doesn't mind letting loose! They are a great way to break the ice and get acquainted with one another. Also, a few of these games can be played at a restaurant if the cooks are taking a bit too long with the food. Additionally, adult party games don't have to be lewd or revealing in any way. They can be clean and appropriate for any type of event you're planning. So if you ever need help deciding on how to fill the time, try some of these games.

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