You don't have to have acting ability to enjoy the game.


People with reading comprehension problems would not be good candidates for this game.

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Murder Mystery Box

How to Host a Murder party games have been around a long time. Several episodes have been added to the product line over the past 20 or more years. That alone attests to the popularity of this adult product. You don't have to be an actor to enjoy these mystery parties, you just should possess a good measure of curiosity and a sense of humor.

An interesting and fun way to spend an evening at home with eight friends, the party box contains everything you need: a cassette describing the known facts of the crime, blueprint of the location, a booklet to help the host plan the party, individual clue manuals for each character, sealed clues for the group, a detective's report, a name tag for everyone and invitations.

The invitations for each How To Host A Murder party are well designed and make the event enticing. Each specifies which role the recipient will be expected to play. Then a list is provided naming all the roles with a short bio for each. The entertainment value is huge here with comical names assigned like; the race car driver Miles F. Latout, and Paris socialite Lucie Gucie (unlike the handbag, this name rhymes with Lucy). The writers of these games obviously enjoy their job because they also have fun with the episode names; Hoo Hung Hoo, Grapes of Frath, An Affair to Dismember and more.

The host's booklet includes ideas for making the game a dinner party and suggestions for costumes. Of course, these are purely optional and the game can be an evening focused on simply solving the crime.

The game which may be set in a different era, in a mansion, on a yacht, or some other imaginative backdrop, is played in four rounds. Before each, guests refer to their personal clue book to collect information for the round. This comes in the form of facts about their character that should not be revealed and facts about others that must be disclosed in the round. Characters are not allowed to lie about facts but encouraged to evade questions, which deliciously kicks the enjoyment factor up a notch. When everyone has read their personal clues the round begins with innocent conversation and accusations being dropped like bombs, causing characters to defend themselves with hilarious excuses.

How To Host A Murder games are available at party shops, and on line at various sites including Amazon. Prices vary according to the game with most costing around $25.

You might think that once you play this game you can't play it again. Although it's true, in playing it a second time, you will know who the murder is, the game dynamic is the important factor and that changes with the people who play. Your perspective of the game will change dramatically too if you play it again as a different character.

Note: If you buy a game, you may be able to sell parts of it after it is played. Search online and you will find pockets of people who have owned a game for years and are searching online for invitations or clue booklets which are now missing from their game. Additional parts can also be ordered at a nominal cost from the game manufacturer.

In Closing

Like the line on the box says, "So Much Fun It's Almost Criminal". Use caution: How To Host A Murder Mystery games can become addictive. I own three!