Party Planning Ideas – Fondue Party

Party Planning Ideas - Fondue Party

Would you like to have a party for all your friends or family and just shudder at the thought of putting it all together with a theme, decorations, menu, drinks, desserts, music, cleaning and more? That is a scary list and no wonder that more people don't share their homes for parties as often as they'd like to. Party planning can be super simple with a fondue party and all your friends will love it since they will be able to spend more time with you when you're not stuck in the kitchen.

Consider a fondue party for your next gathering at Christmas, Chanukah, New Year's Eve, Valentines Day, a birthday, anniversary, pool party or just to get together with friends you haven't spent enough time with, kids and adults alike will love it.

A Fondue party uses simple ingredients such as melted cheese, melted sauce and/or melted chocolate that can be prepared in advance and will allow you, the host/hostess to spend time visiting with your guests and that's the whole point of having a party. The guests serve themselves and all the supplies can be arranged on a counter or table similar to a buffet style. Add drinks and you're all set for a fun party idea.

Fondue Party – Supplies for Cheese Fondue

  • · Fondue Pot
  • · Fresh vegetables
  • · Crackers
  • · Skewers
  • · Dessert plates
  • · Serving platter
  • · Forks
  • · Napkins

Cheese Fondue Recipe

Make the cheese sauce in an electric fondue pot or use a separate double boiler pot and then transfer to the fondue pot for the party. Use a fondue pot that will allow you to keep your sauce heated for the entire party; otherwise you'll need to watch the cheese sauce carefully so that it doesn't scorch. Not all cheese will melt properly so use one of the many cheeses that will melt well to give you the smooth and creamy cheese sauce that is also yummy!

Some of the more popular and most suggested cheeses for melting:




Buffalo Mozzarella









Monterey Jack






Cheese fondue recipe

Use two 8 oz. packages of the cheeses that you like (some cheese is more flavorful and strong so be sure to taste them first to be sure you enjoy it and your guests probably will too) and place in a mixing bowl with 4 TBS cornflour or flour.

On a stovetop pan on medium heat, heat 3/4 of a bottle of white wine with one clove of chopped garlic until bubbling, add cheese in small amounts and mix well until melted.

Continue to add cheese until all melted to a smooth and creamy consistency, adding more cheese or wine if needed.

Add 2 TBS. brown mustard and flavor with black pepper.

When the cheese sauce has a smooth and creamy consistency transfer the fondue into a fondue pot for serving.

Serve cheese fondue with any variety of these items cut in chunks and placed on a serving platter, scattered with skewers for each guest to serve themselves:

Flavored breads

Fresh or sauteed vegetables or meats




Cheese sticks

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fountain

To add dessert for your party, use an additional fondue pot to make a chocolate fondue recipe.

Melt 8 oz. dark chocolate, 8 oz. milk chocolate, 3 cups skim milk and 3 Tbs. vanilla until smooth and creamy in an electric fondue pot or use a double boiler.

For a more festive addition to your fondue party, buy a chocolate fountain that will be a hit with your guests as everyone can gather around the chocolate fountain, eating the chocolate covered goodies while visiting. A chocolate fountain is fun and decorative and can be used over and over again for any home entertaining.

Suggested dipping items for chocolate fondue:

Fresh fruit – strawberries, apples, pears, mango, papaya, pineapple or melon

Cookies or biscotti

Sponge cake or pound cake


Anything else that you like dipped in chocolate!

Find fondue pots and chocolate fountains on sale online at or wilton baking supplies as well as other online stores that may also offer free shipping and other discounts. Don't forget to buy extra skewers which are way more fun than using forks! A fun and easy party planning idea is to host a fondue party soon and you'll find it's a great way to entertain your family and friends.

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