Pashmina Wraps – Beautiful Gift

Pashmina Wraps - Beautiful Gift

Do you need a beautiful gift for the woman that is hard to buy for, has almost everything and is pretty hard to please? Consider the pashmina wraps that could easily fit the bill for providing something that is unique, beautiful, functional, comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be used for many occasions as well as pashmina wraps are very good looking. For any holiday, birthday, Valentines Day or Mothers Day consider giving a pashmina wrap for a beautiful gift that will be loved!

Pashmina wraps are fine shawls made from the wool of moulting goats creating the soft, warm cashmere of the Kashmir region. They are hand woven from this fine spun yarn creating a luxurious and warm shawl with many different ways to wear them.

Size of pashmina wraps

The typical size of a pashmina wrap is 28" x 80" to allow easy draping along the upper body and shoulder area. One size fits all.

Other sizes of pashmina wraps can be found but are either smaller and used as a scarf or wider and longer if used as an actual shawl.

Authentic Pashmina Wraps

Wear a Pashmina

Most pashmina wraps are made from at least 70% cashmere and are usually blended with silk of 30%. Some prefer a blend of pashmina with silk which provides an additional sheen and draping appeal. A blend of 50% cashmere and 50% silk are common as well. The important item to remember and look for is that it is clearly marked as 'pashmina' on the label and not simply marketed as a pashmina wrap. These can be artificially marketed to take advantage of the name of pashmina and would include other fabrics as part of the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Pashmina Wraps

Pashmina wraps are handmade and soft due to the cashmere content and flow and drape easily on the body. They are lightweight without adding bulk from fabric and also contain insulating wool which helps to provide the warmth of this exquisite material.

The Colors of Pashmina Wraps are one of the many benefits of owning and wearing one of these warm coverings. Yarns are blended to create every color and pattern known to easily look fashionable and enhance any outer coat, suit, casual outfit or dress.

Pashmina wraps can be used more glamorously as an overcoat for evening wear or worn more casually over a sweater with jeans. The type of fabric and pattern will usually dictate if the pashmina can be worn casually or more elegantly.

Pashmina wraps can be worn as an evening covering alone to make a statement or to take the chill off from a restaurant, movie theater, a sports event or an evening stroll downtown or at the beach.

Popular ways to Wear Pashmina Wraps

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One way to wear a pashmina wrap is across both shoulders with the ends meeting at the center of the chest. It can simply flow or tie the center in a knot.

Wear a pashmina wrap across one shoulder and bring the other end across the second shoulder so that the end drapes down the back.

Wear a pashmina wrap as a hood or hat to cover the head during rain and simply tie in a knot under the neck area.

Another way to wear pashmina wraps is to place the center of it under the neck and wrap each end around the neck in a crisscross pattern with the ends merely draped loosely at the back.

Wear a pashmina draped over the back and down the front half of the body and bring one end across the abdominal area and tie on the side.

A pashmina is a luxurious cashmere and beautiful gift for any woman on your gift giving list for any occasion and will be well received from you, the thoughtful giver! Try one for yourself while you're at it. Purchase pashmina wraps at any finer department stores, at a pashmina boutique or online at many locations that may offer free shipping, gift with purchase or other discount. Shopping for women is easy when you consider a pashmina shawl or wrap.

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