The Paslode Paslode Nail GunIM350 Impulse Cordless Framing Nail Gun is an extraordinary tool. You will fall in love with it as soon as you will hold it in your hands. It is simply great. This tool is simple, plug it in and begin driving nails. And the Palsode IM350 is a cordless nail gun. Generally, cordless nail guns provide a practical solution to the limitations of corded ones. This means no noisy air compressors or tripping over air hoses.

The tool clips right to the belt to allow one handed operation and the user can carry it around just like a Hitachi cordless power drill. The Paslode IM350 is a 34 degrees angled tool. It is definitely going to get the job done, outdoor or indoor. The reasons why you don't need any air compressors is that it works on a fuel cell technology which means that the fuel cell is going to drive the internal combustion engine.

So, it is an extremely simple, fast, and efficient way to do any of the indoor and/or outdoor nailing jobs that you need to do. For roofing, this Paslode Nail Gun enormously speeds up the fixing of tile batten. The good thing is that both battery and fuel cell are powerful enough to drive many nails before running out of juice. The fuel cell itself is going to drive up to 1.200 nails. And the battery lasts up to 4.000 nails. So, if you are out in the middle of nowhere working on an important job you are going to be able to get the job done as quickly as possible. And if you are going to be working all day long you will love the carry case. The Paslode IM350 has multiple compartments for an extra battery pack or an extra fuel cell, so you do not get caught without juice and you can keep driving nails while recharging (230 volt battery charger - max 2 hours). This way the user can work on one battery pack while the other one is charging.

The Paslode IM350 is simply a great piece of technology. It is extremely fast; e.g. for building studwork, the tool can drive up to three 4 inch nails in just one second. The tool itself is sturdy and lightweight, so it fits into tight areas. Also, you can use it in overhead applications (e.g. for installing crown molding). The IM350 uses either ring or smooth shank, round or clipped nail head. It is angled 30 degrees and very easy to use and ergonomically designed to fit everyone.

Other important features on it include the nail lock-out system. This feature ensures that the tool will lock out with four nails left. This way the user can prevent blank firing and minimize damage if he is using expensive trim or nice woodwork, such as all the internal and external doors, bathroom cabinets and moldings. This is the main reason why it is considered to be an ideal tool for restoration work where there's a risk of damaging fine woodwork. So, the nail lock-out system is really a great feature the Paslode IM350 has.

Another very important and unique feature is the tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment. This excellent system provides precise control of nail depth in hard or soft wood. And no wrenches are needed. The system is tool-free, just move it up and down. It adjust the drive, locks into place, you do not have to worry. So, the user can adjust the depth of the nails driving in whether you are using the 2 inch or the 3 1/4 inch nails.

The Paslode IM350 handles up to 4 inch nails for any application you might need. One of the first things you will notice when you press down the nail gun is that the exhaust fan starts up because of internal combustion, i.e. gases. The extractor fan extracts the fumes of the gas fire through the exhaust pipe to the outside. And when you are done driving nails you will notice that the extractor fan runs for several more seconds in order to get the excess of gas out of the Paslode Nail Gun.

The only downside is that the nail packs are expensive compared to traditional fixings.

Overall, the Paslode IM350 is one of the best cordless nail guns on the market today. It needs no hose or compressor. It is perfect for fencing, roofing, nice woodwork, joists, flooring and so much more.