PaslodPaslode 900420e Company is a world's leading manufacturer of both cordless and pneumatic fastening tools like nail guns, fasteners, and staplers for the construction and remodeling industries. Their products are widely used by industrial contractors and remodelers on the residential construction work sites.

The Paslode impulse nailing system increases efficiency, cuts down manpower costs, and it increases profits. Having a cordless tool on a work site improves the productivity and efficiency. The Paslode cordless nailers dispel the notion that portable tools are for backup only. With one of these cordless framers the user can eliminate boring unwinding, untangling, connecting, disconnecting, dropping, picking up and dragging of hoses. All of these things reduce user's productivity. Also, it is important to emphasize that the Paslode Nail Gun extends user's production season time with error-free tool performance in the most extreme weather conditions up to -15 degrees Celsius. Easy to load, easy to use the Paslode Nail Gun is a faster, cost effective, simpler, and more reliable way to frame.

There is a variety of tools available for different tasks. But we are going to look specifically at the Paslode 900420 Cordless IMCT Framing Nailer and the T250A 16-Gauge Pneumatic Angled Finish Nailer.

Paslode 900420 Cordless IMCT Framing Nailer is a remodeler's dream. It is a cordless tool which means that it carries its own battery pack and fuel supply. This Paslode Nail Gun comes with a battery charger, a belt hanger, and durable carrying case for convenience, safety goggles, instruction manual, and 5/32'' hex wrench.

The tool itself will hold approximately 48 full and clipped head nails. And it will shoot anywhere from 2 inch all the way up to 3 1/4 inch nails. It utilizes a powerful 6.0-volt battery pack. This 6 volt battery according to Palsode will give you approximately 4.000 shots (on a full battery charge). And of course this Paslode Nail Gun utilizes the red fuel cell. This gives you approximately 1.200 shots (on a single fuel cell).

The instruction manual is very well written, very informative, concise, user friendly, easy to follow and helpful. On the one side of the instruction manual it shows the user exactly how to get started with the tool. It takes the user step by step from loading the fuel cell to installing the 6-volt battery pack and installing the nails. Also, on the reverse side of the instruction manual it shows the user how to perform maintenance on the tool. Overall, very user friendly instructions and you will be impressed with what Paslode provided to get you started with this framing nailer.

This Pasload Nail Gun is very lightweigh; only weighs 7.3 pounds (7.4 pounds with the 6-volt battery). This is anywhere between 1 pound to a 1/2 a pound lighter than a standard faming nailer. However, keep in mind that Paslode does not recommend use of this tool above 5.000 feet. The tool is powered by an internal combustion linear motor which is quite similar to an internal combustion motor.

The unit has a nice no-tool required adjustment knob on the front for depth of drive. Also, it features a belt clip on the back of the unit, so the user does not have to lay the tool on top of a ladder or on the ground. All you got to do is push it in and rotate it. This is a small but very useful feature on the unit. Again, it holds 48 nails. And it features a Ready green light on the left side the unit which will illuminate when the Paslode Nail Gun is ready for use. The tool is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty so you can have peace of mind that if anything were to happen.

The Paslode T250A 16-Gauge Pneumatic Angled Finish Nailer is a great time saver for working with wood trim. This tool will quickly become the main workforce of you workshop. It is extremely powerful, however, surprisingly lightweight. The tool itself only weighs 3.8 pounds. It is a very useful tool and very well balanced. You will notice this when working, especially overhead.

This Paslode Nail Gun has angled design that lets the user to get into very small areas that other finish nailers, the straight ones, want. And all controls on the T250 are within reach of the operator. So, the user can get to them while working. For instance, the nail gun features the multidirectional exhaust cap and the user can simply change the direction while working. Also, it features angled magazine that allows the easier access to corners. And it holds a lot of 1 1/4 inch or 2 1/2 inch nails.

Other relevant features include the nail lock-out that prevents the nails from firing when empty and adaptive drive adjustment so the user can adjust the depth of drive while working. It also features a no-mar tip design that provides accurate placement. Also, the 16g system provides less wood splitting and smaller nailer holes. This Paslode Nail Gun comes with a handy belt hook. It is also good to know that it was rated no 1 by some construction journals.

Overall, the T259A has all the features you would expect from a nail gun. The tool is backed by 1-year warranty.