Young drivers often find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to fork out more money for their first insurance premiums than they have paid to actually purchase the vehicle. The reason for this is simply a matter of mathematics. Young drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident than anyone else. The traditional approach taken by insurance companies to judge maturity, is to set significant drops in premiums after the age of 25.

Unfortunately, age is something that people have no control over. Young people seeking to get the cheapest insurance premiums need to look at other options. One of these is the Pass Plus scheme that offers additional training once the driving test has been passed.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a government backed scheme that was designed by the Driving Standards Agency as a way for new drivers to safely gain additional driving experience and knowledge over and above that provided by the standard driving test. The idea is that the course will boost confidence, safety awareness, and driving experience in conditions not covered by the test.

How it Works

Pass Plus is a six hour course based almost wholly on practical driving experience. Of the six hours, five and a half should be spent actually driving. Passing the course is not dependent on taking another test but drivers are continually assessed throughout the course.

What is Covered

The course consists of six modules designed to give new drivers additional driving experience in conditions that provide an opportunity to experience a variety of conditions while supervised by an instructor and as a consequence, boost knowledge, awareness skill and confidence and therefore reduce the likelihood of having an accident based on inexperience. The six modules consist of:-

  • Driving in towns and built up areas where traffic congestion is a factor
  • Driving in all weathers to gain experience of the more extreme conditions like heavy rain
  • Driving on rural roads to experience narrower less well lit and possibly slippery road conditions
  • Driving at night and all of the extra challenges it presents such as headlight dazzle and unlit roads
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Driving on motorways which gives a valuable supervised introduction to what can be a daunting prospect for the new driver

How to take the Pass Plus Course

The course can only be run by a Pass Plus registered driving instructor. You can search your local directories or on the internet or contact the Driving Standards Agency.. The price will vary according to the particular instructor or school as well as how long it takes you to meet the assessment standards. There are some local authorities that offer discount incentives for the course and it is worth checking with yours to see if they do.

Benefits of Taking the Course

As well as the knowledge and experience gained, for a young driver facing high premiums, the course indicates to insurance companies that the risk of you having an accident due to inexperience is lower. In return for this, some insurance companies offer a reduction in premiums by anywhere up to 30%.