There are just some toys that stick out in your childhood.  For some its action figures, and for others it could be dolls.  For me, it was Pass the Pigs.  That’s right.  Pass the Pigs—it is a quirky little game that entertained me for hours in my Kindergarten years.  If you have this game, you should play it.  If you do not have this game, go and get it.  You will love it.  Your kids will love it.  What more could you ever ask for?

So... What is Pass the Pigs?

Pass the Pigs is a game of chance where players roll two pig figurines and get points determined by how the pigs land.  After each roll the player has the option to keep his or her points and “pass the pigs” to the next player, or they can keep rolling the pigs with the chance that they may lose all of their points.  The first player to 100 wins the round.  Potentially, a player could win in only one round, or it may take many rounds to crown a winner.  It is a game of chance with a little bit of strategy thrown in for good measure.

It is simple, yes, but extremely fun for both the young and old alike. 

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How do the pigs earn me points? 

Part of the fun playing this game as an impressionable 6-year-old was just saying the names of the different Pass the Pigs moves.  If I rolled a pig with its hooves facing up, I just got me a “razorback” and 5 more points.  Sometimes, I was lucky enough to roll a “Leaning Jowler” where the pig rests on its snout and one ear—that knocked my score up another 15 points.  Trotters, Snouters, and even Siders helped add to my totals, but I never, never wanted to roll a Makin’ Bacon.  In this politically incorrect roll, the two pigs are touching, and it would cost me every single point I had. 

What did Pass the Pigs teach me as a little man? 

Well, quite simply, Pass the Pigs taught me how to add.  If my teacher would have asked my class “How much is a leaning jowler and a razorback added together?” I could have confidently told her “20 points, Mrs. Coker.”  And, I must admit, I was pretty good at addition.  So, if you want your child to be good at math at a young age, pick up a copy of Pass the Pigs. 

And how could I fail to mention, that playing Pass the Pigs taught me self-control.  So what if I rolled a Makin’ Bacon?  Was I going to cry and pout?  No, I had to gather my thoughts and get ready for the next round.  These pigs were not going to roll themselves. 

What is included in the game and how many can play?

All that is included with the Pass the Pigs games are two cute little pig figurines, a small carrying case, and a pad of paper with a pencil.  It can be easily bundled up and put in your pocket.  With its small size, there should be nothing keeping you from brining it to work and having a Pass the Pigs faceoff during your lunch hour.  You can play with two people, but go ahead and invite your boss.  This game can accommodate up to ten . 

So make it a party.  Just be sure that you are not makin’ bacon…


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